To Robin Hollis and faculty, and staff of The Arts Based School in Winston-Salem: Great work helping your students understand the parallels between the elements of art and academic concepts!    – Rhonda

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (“NAEP”) or “The Nation’s Report Card,” is overseen by the National Assessment Governing Board, an independent, bipartisan organization that provides current data to policymakers. The NAEP website states that The Nation’s Report Card is “the only nationally representative, continuing evaluation of the condition of education in the United States.” This data includes the arts, which are considered “an important part of a well-rounded education.” Data from the arts assessments is released every five or six years, at a gathering of national representatives from arts organizations, schools, and government officials, at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
This year’s data release presentation included video of four schools across the nation where the arts are successfully integrated with academics. The Arts Based School was one of these four schools.