School bus drivers across North Carolina will bask in well-earned attention next week during School Bus Driver Appreciation Week, as individual schools and districts recognize drivers’ key role with various events and celebrations. Nationally, February is Love the Bus month, aimed to raise awareness and appreciation for the safe experience of riding the bus to and from school.

Dozens of events are planned for next week across the state to honor drivers, from sit-down breakfasts to offerings of student-made valentines. Loyd E. Auman Elementary School in Cumberland County is organizing an ’80s flashback dance party at Seventy-First High School on Feb. 16 for all bus drivers in the school district. South Greenville Elementary School in Pitt County has scheduled an entire lineup of daily events starting Monday, when each bus driver will receive a bag of M&M’s with a note saying, “Thanks for Driving Miles & Miles.” In Craven County, Oaks Road Elementary School will be highlighting drivers on social media with shoutouts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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