Resources for Charter School Founders and Board Members

A user’s guide to fiscal oversight: A Toolkit for Charter School Governing Boards

National Charter School Resource Center

This toolkit compiles best practices and recommendations based on a comprehensive literature review and interviews with subject matter experts, including authorizers, charter support organizations, charter management organizations, funders, attorneys, and charter finance specialists.
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The Charter School Growth Manual: Expert Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid as You Grow

Charter School Capital

In this guide, experienced charter school leaders offer strategies for success and pitfalls to avoid at every stage of maturity.
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Public Schools of North Carolina: Facilities Guidelines

Public Schools of North Carolina

This document defines and describes the educational spaces needed to support a modern, comprehensive educational program and to set minimal guidelines for types and sizes of space.
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New School Development: A Toolkit for Charter Support Organizations and Charter School Founders

National Charter School Resource Center

This toolkit helps Charter School Organizations (CSOs) and charter school founders with opening a new charter school and navigating the first years of operation.
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