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Teachers, Parents, & Students

The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017

College is the most expensive it’s ever been.   With tuition rates rising an average of 3.5% every year, the average undergraduate now finishes their degree with over $37,000 in student debt.
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Guide to Securing Your College Student’s Credit Future

The Simple Dollar

Overall, parents should help their students find the balance between misusing credit and staying away from it all together.   No parent wants their students to graduate with a ton of debt that will haunt them for years to come.
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Guide to Securing Your Child’s Credit Future

The Simple Dollar

While this guide is a great resource for everyone, it can be particularly useful for parents who don’t feel qualified to teach their children credit-related concepts.
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Financial Aid for College

Best Value Schools

Paying for college isn’t cheap! And the truth is, no matter how valuable your education is, you don’t want to spend yours struggling with debt to earn a degree. That’s why we’ve compiled a ton of resources to help you make your way through school in a very affordable way.
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Best Online Nursing Programs of 2018

Best Value Schools

With the growing age of baby boomers and new health care initiatives, a greater need for nurses is imminent in the potential future.   As one of the fastest growing occupations in the country, hospitals need qualified nurses who can be leaders in the healthcare industry.
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LEAD2FEED Student Leadership Program

This program nurtures a new generation of leaders while meeting a community need through project management, decision-making, and teamwork.   We invite 6 – 12th grade principals and teachers to register today and gain access to FREE lesson plans, resources, and videos.   For more information, contact (516) 606-7660.
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Administrators & School Boards

A user’s guide to fiscal oversightT: A Toolkit for Charter School Governing Boards

National Charter School Resource Center

This toolkit compiles best practices and recommendations based on a comprehensive literature review and interviews with subject matter experts, including authorizers, charter support organizations (CSOs), charter management organizations (CMOs), funders, attorneys, and charter finance specialists.   The toolkit also draws from established findings on fraud and governance from the broader nonprofit sector.
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The Charter School Growth Manual: Expert Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid as You Grow

Charter School Capital

For this guide, we turned to our wide network of charter school experts for best practices and strategies for success at every stage of maturity. All of the advice in this book comes from experienced charter school leaders who have been where you are now—they understand what you’re facing and the pitfalls to avoid.
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Public Schools of North Carolina: Facilities Guidelines

Public Schools of North Carolina

This document defines and describes the educational spaces needed to support a modern, comprehensive educational program and to set minimal guidelines for types and sizes of space.   It also serves as a planning guide for those in the process of building, enlarging, or renovating school facilities.
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