Cardinal Charter Academy’s Principal, Nicholas Shosho, has been awarded the “Administrator’s Champion for Student Success” award, a recognition given annually by the NC State Department of Instruction. He has been selected to receive this award from among all of the 115 public school districts in the state, and among the approximately 3,000 principals in North Carolina. This is a very prestigious award that also recognizes educators in the following four categories: Teachers, School Administrators, Central Office Personnel, and Volunteers. Cardinal Charter Academy, operated by Charter Schools USA, is a charter school comprised of approximately 1,000+ students, and another 1000 on the waiting list, located at St. Charles Place, Cary, North Carolina. The Champion for Student Success awards is presented in Greensboro at the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement on March 20-22, 2017 sponsored by NC State Department of Public Instruction.

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