Corey DeAngelis joined us to talk about how to set the record straight on common myths about charter schools and school choice. Corey has co-authored a new book with Neal P. McCluskey: School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight

National School Choice Week (January 24-30) is here! In the rapidly changing environment that we are all inhabiting, it is even more important to have an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the opportunities for excellence in K-12 education that school choice provides for students and families!

This year we asked our schools to use National School Choice Week as an opportunity to share stories about what makes their school special, and why it is important for families to be able to choose an educational environment that best fits their child’s unique needs. Hear their stories below!

Brevard Academy

Parents are Kids First Teachers

Southern Wake Academy

All Inclusive Approach

Sallie B. Howard School

Inspiring Students Through the Arts & Multicultural Experiences

The North Carolina Leadership Academy

The Value of Being Small, Purposeful, & Knowing Your Families

CE Academy

NEW OPPORTUNITIES –  Bilingual Mandarin Immersion Charter School Opening in August 2021

New Dimensions School

Making a Vision a Reality

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy

Focusing on How to Think and Learn

The Point

Maintaining a Lively & Engaging Learning Experience

KIPP Charlotte

A.C.E. Academy

The Importance of School Community

Tillery Charter Academy

The Importance of Adaptability


Visit the NC Guide on the NSCW Website

The NC Guide also helps schools share their stories. Here you can find information about school choice in NC and download graphics about NSCW to use on social media. The NSCW guide provides detailed, unbiased, and easy-to-use information to help parents find schools or learning environments that best meet their children’s needs.