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Below are the selected breakout presentations for our 2018 conference.   Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals!

(Presentations subject to change based on availability.)


Addressing the Root Causes of Academic Failure to Accelerate Learning

Amy Brown

In this session, you will discover how specific Acceleration practices build a bridge to close the achievement gap and catch kids up who are below grade level.

Building Conceptual Understanding in Secondary Mathematics: How to Really Use Manipulatives

Mollie Routh & Lisa Schueren
ACE Academy Charter with National Training Network

This collaborative session is designed to demonstrate how critical the use of manipulatives is to building conceptual understanding at the secondary level.


Digging Deeper: Questioning to Encourage Mathematical Thinking in the Elementary Classroom

Elisha Rearick & Valerie Thomas
ACE Academy Charter School with National Training Network

This engaging, interactive presentation will allow teachers to explore effective strategies for questioning students in order to increase students’ depth of knowledge of math concepts.

Empowering Students and Communities with Critical-Skills for the Real World

Peter Kelpin & Yvette Medina

With DPI approved, standards-aligned, no cost digital lessons focused on topics like financial literacy, entrepreneurship, STEM exploration, and health & wellness, EVERFI helps schools and educators prepare their students to be successful in the real world.


Learning is Personal: Differentiating Learning for All Students

Lindsey Hampton

Learn how to bridge students’ learning needs and the demands of grade-level standards without the usual barriers!

Teacher Driven Feedback: A Critical Friends Approach

Thomas Miller
Leaders Building Leaders

We will teach you the tenets of a Critical Friends Group.   A year-long opportunity to maximize feedback and teacher growth.


Working With Boys of Color Workshop Series

Dedrick Sims
Sims-Fayola Foundation

During this workshop educators will focus on increasing their understanding and capacity to work with young men of color.


Exceptional Children (EC) Panel Discussion

Lori Tryon
Southern Wake Academy

Charter school professionals will have an opportunity to ask a panel of charter school EC directors questions regarding special education.

Literacy Success for All Schools in the World of Higher Standards

Lindsey Hampton
Education Consultant

Learn about specific high-impact literacy practices and see actual examples from successful schools.


Teaching That You Can Believe In

Don Marlett
Education Consultant

In this session, discover 16 lessons from the country’s top leaders that should be in all schools, helping to build a bridge between typical and exemplary status.

How Charter Schools Navigate in a #MeToo World

Lisa Gordon Stella
The Law Office of Lisa Gordon Stella PLLC

Attendees will learn charter school obligations under Title IX, tools for handling these emotionally-charged situations, Title IX’s intersection with FERPA, and forms of student discipline.


Understand Dyslexia in Every Classroom

Donna Gargett & April Coggins
Blank Canvas Awareness Art, Inc

Professionals will experience a simulation to understand the importance of addressing dyslexia and self-esteem.



Accelerating Good Teaching to Great Teaching

Don Marlett

Discover the secrets exemplary schools use to guarantee that all of their teachers are highly successful.

Budget Training

Justin Matthews
Mountain Island Charter School

At this session, updates on all current per-pupil funding sources and constants will be provided, as well as a walk-through of a standardized budget template designed to help charter schools accurately develop multi-year forecasts.


Coaching 101 for Leaders

Thomas Miller
Leaders Building Leaders

During this session I will lead you through an entirely different level of understanding to positively impact the people you lead.

Communication Habits for School Leadership Success

Tammy Barron & Scott Barron
School Growth

In this workshop, participants will learn the first Law of the Grapevine, giving them techniques to improve faculty trust and engagement.


Do Process! Rules and Tips for Student Suspension and Expulsion Due Process

David Hostetler, Esq.
Lexis School Law Services

David Hostetler, longtime education attorney and Founding Director of Lexis School Law Services (, will explain Due Process and statutory requirements, and offer “best practice” tips and templates.

Exploring Charter School Facility Financing Options Through Case Studies

Matt DeAngelis & Eric Duran
D.A. Davidson & Co.

Join us to learn about the different facility financing options available to charter schools including tax-exempt bond, USDA, bank and CDFI financing.


Hazard and Threat Management Emergency Communications for Schools

Matthew Miraglia
CLPS Consultancy Group

Participants will learn how to coordinate school-wide safety initiatives and collaborate with key stakeholders in order to maintain safer learning environments.

Sustaining Successful Charter School Leadership in High Poverty Schools: Voices from the Field

Maria Marsella Leahy & Rebecca Shore
UNC Charlotte Department of Educational Leadership

This study highlights characteristics & skills of founding leaders of high-poverty charter schools who retrospectively described their evolved & evolving roles.


The Fear of Math: How do we change that?

De’Shaunda Hampton & Nicole Beck
Cabarrus Charter Academy & National Training Network

This session will provide opportunities to collaborate on ways to transform your school so that teachers are no longer fearful of math and value the need to teach math conceptually.


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2018 North Carolina Charter Schools Conference

Sea Trail Golf Resort & Convention Center
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Sunset Beach, NC, 28468