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Individual Action

The Association now offers ways individuals can spark and help strengthen the charter school movement in North Carolina!

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Your donations help us continue our efforts towards our mission through lobbying, professional development workshops, annual conference, running our website, and more!

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Have a question about how charter schools work in relation to jobs, fundraising, enrollment, etc.?   Start a topic in our forum to get those questions answered!

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Become a Charter School Board Member

Charter schools, particularly planning-year and first-year schools, are often seeking quality leadership.   If you have the desire and expertise to help navigate a charter school towards its mission, we would like for you to add yourself to our board candidate pool.   Not only are you making yourself available to local charter schools in need of board leadership, you also may be contacted to participate in a mock interview with a planning-year school preparing for its official interviews before the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) and State Board of Education (SBE).   This opportunity allows you to connect with existing board members of a new school who may need to add to its leadership later.

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Q: What is a charter school?
A: Charter schools are nontraditional public schools.   One of the key differences between charter schools and traditional public schools, or district schools, is the way they are governed.   District schools are governed by a school district board while charter schools are governed by a board specifically for that school.   As a result, these schools have more flexibility in their curriculum.   This explains why you hear of some charter schools with a focus on the arts, science and technology, a certain culture, or a certain educational methodology (i.e. Classical, Montessori, Flipped Classroom).   However, because charter schools receive public funds, they are still required to meet state testing requirements.   You can learn more by viewing Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest’s video to the right differentiating the myths from the facts about charter schools.


Q: How many charter schools are in NC?
A: As of the 2017-2018 school year, there are 173 charter schools in the state.

Q: Are the number of charter schools in NC growing?
A: Absolutely!   Although charter schools have existed in NC since 1996, there has been significant growth since the state legislature lifted the 100-charter-school cap in 2011.   Since then, about a dozen new schools have been opening each year!   At this rate, the state expects to exceed 200 within the next couple of years.

Q: How do I send a donation?
A:Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card LogosAt the bottom of this page, click Donate.   Upon completion, you will be directed to a confirmation page and automatically receive a sales receipt in your email inbox.   Save the receipt for your records.   Please note that Association membership is still only available to schools and businesses.