It’s no secret that charter schools are getting some pretty stellar outcomes for students, particularly in urban areas.

Many charter schools are also embracing diversity to ensure all students have a bright future, and to ensure classrooms reflect the increasingly diverse populations of our communities.

Diverse learning environments contribute both to stronger academic outcomes for all students—including reduced achievement gaps—and to greater access, social capital and cohesion, as well as empathy and understanding across lines of difference.

When you think about it, charter schools are uniquely positioned to be leaders in increasing the diversity of our public school system. The flexible nature of a charter school allows it to match curricula to individual communities, draw students from a wider geographic area and partner with local districts and organizations to attract a diverse group of students.

Let’s take a look at 10 public charter schools that are designed with diversity in mind. These schools are leading the charge and showing that high-quality education, supportive school culture and diverse student populations positively impact everyone in a community.

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