You no doubt have educators at your school who are ready to take the next step in their professional career and some of these are interested in developing expertise in instructional technology. Perhaps you have recognized the need to have more instructional design expertise in your building or district during the very recent shift to alternate means of instruction. Or maybe additional knowledge of technologies would be valuable as schools continue to make the move to electronic curriculum materials. Given this, will you pass this opportunity along to your teachers?

East Carolina University has an outstanding Instructional Technology program and is starting a cohort that begins this fall semester. By being in a cohort, your teachers or coaches can develop their skills and abilities while immersed in an educational support community.  Through the program, they will learn cutting-edge techniques for designing instruction and teaching with new technologies. This program has two options:

1.      Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) in Instructional Technology

2.      Certificate for Special Endorsement in Computer Education

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The New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute (NLI) 2020 ONLINE offers K-12 educators 15 hours of intensive professional learning and networking opportunities toward engaging students in Project-Based Inquiry (PBI) Global — a five-phase iterative inquiry cycle in which learners ask Compelling Questions; gather and analyze sources; creatively synthesize claims and evidences; critically evaluate and revise; and share, publish, and act. During the online summer institute, teachers will participate in theory-into-practice sessions geared toward planning one’s own collaborative inquiry project focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Register today to secure your spot! (See more here).


The proposed committee substitute for S374 was introduced in the House Regulatory Reform Committee.  The Reg Reform bill includes a NC Pre-K provision that  would require operators to provide parents with information pertaining to public and private school options in the county and a section amending the charter school report date from February 15 to June 15.  An amendment was adopted to add in the superintendent bond authorization language.  The bill also passed the House Rules Committee and is scheduled to be heard on the House floor today.  It only has to go back to the Senate for an up or down concurrence vote.  There’s a chance the Senate will not concur, and the bill will go to conference, in which case we will be lobbying to ensure all of the education provisions remain intact.  At this point in time there has been no major opposition to the superintendent bond authorization piece.

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