We are excited to partner with Builder Services Inc of NC to host a free webinar to help prepare schools to reopen properly. Please join us on July 1, 2020 at 1:00 PM.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Infectious Control Best Practices
  • Hand Sanitizer versus Skin Hygiene
  • EPA List N Approved disinfectants
  • Best practices of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing buildings and buses
  • Safety storage of products

Register in advance for this webinar.



I’d like to thank Dave Machado, Director of the NC Office of Charter Schools for being on our last weekly call to verify:

  • Charter schools can open MORE restrictive than the state’s re-entry to school IF their parents choose remote learning. Needs to be specifically outlined in section 11 of the Remote Learning plan and explain in detail HOW students are learning, and HOW you will verify daily attendance.
  • Utilize the CDC guidelines, local health department and local procedures and policies to ensure student and employee safety.
  • Stay in close contact with DPI leaders in the area of EC and Accountability to ensure meeting minimum requirements.
  • Track school success indicators closely to inform the OCS of success if you are in renewal year or aim to expand (based on no Accountability scores).
  • Utilize networks, OCS and legal counsel to make effective decisions.
  • Much more…Listen to the entire call.


Adjournment Schedule

The North Carolina General Assembly adjourned in the wee hours of the morning on Friday completing the majority of their work for the 2020 legislative short session. The legislature passed an adjournment resolution that will officially adjourn the legislature on July 11 until September 2. Over the next two weeks, the legislature will mainly hold skeletal sessions, however they could return to take up veto override votes or other pressing legislation. The September session will be very limited in scope. The only matters that can be considered will be COVID appropriations or appointments bills. The legislature will then adjourn sine die on September 3.

Some of the more substantive pieces of legislation that passed this session include the following:

H118, COVID-19 Liability Safe Harbor – Provides limited immunity in claims arising from contraction of COVID-19 to all businesses, schools, and non-profits in the state.

H1023, Coronavirus Relief Fund/Additions & Revisions – Provides additional appropriations of federal coronavirus relief funding including an additional $150M to counties, $7M to DPI for personal protective equipment for public schools, and $15M to the Department of Commerce for job retention grants.

S113, Education Omnibus – Includes a variety of provisions related to education including 2020-2021 school calendar modifications, designation of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to approve private activity bonds, establishment of the School Psychologist Recruitment and Retention Pilot Program.

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