The following remarks were delivered during the June 8 Charter Schools Advisory Board meeting by chair Alex Quigley, regarding the current racial unrest in the country. Thank you for taking a strong stand, Alex!

           Good morning, everyone. Obviously, the past week has been one of significant unrest and turmoil in our country. While the past few months all of our worlds have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the last week has, in a way, awoken many people to the reality of systemic racism that has disrupted the worlds of black and brown Americans their entire lives and throughout American history. As a white man who is Chair of the Charter School Advisory Board – a body entrusted by the state with recommending the distribution millions and millions of state dollars, and granting authorization to run schools – I am compelled to not be silent on the issue of racism, white privilege, and the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmad Abrery, and Breonna Taylor. Their lives mattered. Black lives matter.

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Madelyn Fesmire, rising sophomore from Uwharrie Charter Academy, discussed her academic experience during school closure with me today. I was interested in hearing from a student about the impact of COVID-19. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Madelyn! Take a moment to watch the interview on Learning Through COVID-19 from A Student’s Perspective.


Amy Hobgood of Falls Lake Academy was gracious enough to share her school’s Return to School Planning Document. Thanks, Amy!



The House and Senate have continued to pass “mini” budgets through their respective chambers. Most have dealt with smaller appropriation items, but this week the Senate released some more substantive funding bills related to Medicaid funding, teacher bonuses, and capital repairs and renovations. Below are more details on the proposals.

  •   S818, Compensation of Certain School Employees – This bill would provide teachers, instructional support personnel, and assistant principals with salary increases based on years of experience. It would provide $350 bonuses to teachers and instructional support personnel and also encourage the Governor to provide an across-the-board bonus of $600 for teachers, instructional support personnel, and noncertified personnel from the discretionary education funds Governor Cooper received from the CARES Act.
  •  S808, Medicaid Funding Act – This bill would appropriate the funds needed for the Medicaid program and for the Medicaid transformation process that would move the state from fee for service to managed care. It directs the transformation process to begin by July 1, 2021. Additionally, it directs DHHS to continue the relocation from the Dorothea Dix campus to a suitable location in Wake County.
  • S803, Capital Appropriation – Repairs & Renovations – This bill transfers $119 million from the General Fund to the State Capital and Infrastructure Fund for repairs and renovations projects. 40 percent would be allocated for UNC projects and the remaining 60 percent for state agencies.

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