My wife and I are charter school parents. Our son Sidney attends an excellent charter school in Broward County. It is not an exaggeration to say if it wasn’t for this school, which we chose after months of searching, we wouldn’t be living in Florida. Finding the right school for our son was that important to us, and we are thankful we had options.
I say this in response to recent attacks on charter schools, including a July 1 column (“It’s time to save public education in Florida”) by Florida Sen. Perry Thurston Jr. I agree with the senator that education funding in Florida is too low. All of us should stand together for greater funding, no matter what option we choose for our children. But to pit one option against another — and to dismiss thousands of parents who choose charter schools — is reckless.
Thurston focused on HB 7069. He tried to characterize it as a giveaway to charter schools, rather than an attempt to level the playing field for 300,000 Florida students who now attend them. He also offered little data as he made it sound like charter schools are a failing system that is duping parents.
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