Envision Science Academy

Address: 590 Traditions Grande Blvd, Wake Forest, NC 27587
Name: Jennifer Byrd
Phone: (919) 435-4002
Total Participants: 18

Student Presenters: 6
Stella Galland
Meredith Elliott
Taylor Kearnes
Autumn Battle
Olivia Borrows
Audralyn Nimetez

Additional Attendees: 12
Lily Torres – Student
Sia Bhatia – Student
Annie Allen – Student
Ally Aerunac – Student
Alex Vasquez – Student
Cyrene Brandolini – Student
Diego Torres – Board Member
Piper Walls – Student
Amie Allen – Parent
Tera Verunac – Teacher
Natalia Stephens – Student
Valentina Garcia – Student

Project Title: Envision Science Acasdemy Learning/Community Garden
Project Description:

In Environmental STEAM students were challenged to create a learning garden on campus that aligns with the K-5 NC science standards. We currently have a minimal area to work with and a minimal budget with plans of expansion. Students created scale models of the ideal “final product” with the understanding that we will begin this spring with raised garden beds and a grant/partnership with Cigna in the fall. Our garden will not only be an outdoor classroom but a communal location in Wake Forest.

Grade Category: 6th – 8th Grade

Submitted: 03/16/2019 at 10:15 am