We invite creative and innovative people like you to participate as breakout-session presenters for our 2017 conference!  Each selected presenter will be given a 50-minute breakout session in which they share their knowledge and expertise with conference attendees.  All it takes to begin is submitting your proposed topic with a 100-word summary to us online!


Click the link below to view this year’s breakout sessions!

2017 Conference Breakout Sessions


Presenter FAQs



Q: What is the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools (NCAPCS) Conference?

A: The NCAPCS Conference is the largest annual gathering of charter school teachers, school leaders, administrators, board members, and supporters from across North Carolina!   This two-day event offers engaging keynote sessions, relevant breakout sessions, and networking opportunities for all participants.   It is a powerful way to get our charter community fired up for the 2017-2018 school year!

Q: Where and when is the NCAPCS Conference this year?

A: Our conference, The Gateway to Charter School Success, will be held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.   Conference dates are Sunday, July 30 to Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

Q: Will I be paid to present?

A: No.   All of our presenters are considered volunteers.   However, if selected to present, your registration fee is waived.

Q: When should I arrive in Greensboro?

A:We ask that you arrive as early as Sunday afternoon to give yourself ample time to check in the hotel, check in at our registration booth, learn your way around the center, and settle in before our Sunday Night reception.   Additionally, it would be our pleasure for you to stay the duration of the conference.   This allows you the opportunity to connect with others in the charter community, and it allows attendees the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and provide feedback after attending your presentation.



Q: What are the benefits of being a presenter?

A: There are several!   Some of the benefits include:

• Sharing your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues.

• Receiving recognition for your practice or program.

• Receiving feedback about your practice or program

• Playing an important role in a leading our conference.

• Expanding your professional portfolio

Q: Which presentation formats work best for the conference?

A: The most popular presentations include hands-on demonstrations, practical information, tips / techniques attendees can implement in their programs right away, and open, engaging discussion. To view last year’s presentation proposals as an example, click here.

Q: Can I have a partner present with me?

A: Absolutely!  We encourage paired presentations for many reasons:

• It significantly reduces the burden of having to prepare an entire 50-minute presentation by yourself.

• Two minds are better than one!   You get to exchange ideas with someone and critique each other eventually developing a better presentation for both of you.

• Two people taking turns during the presentation and playing off each other provide a different “rhythm” to the presentation that makes it more interesting.


Q: When is the deadline to submit proposals?

A: 11:59pm Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q: How many proposals can I submit?

A: You may submit as many proposals as you like, but keep in mind that the review committee is seeking variety.

Q: When will I find out whether or not my proposal was selected?

A: You will be notified the status of your proposal via email on or before Wednesday, May 31, 2017.   If you are not emailed by that date, please email josh@ncpubliccharters.org.

Q: I am an exhibitor/sponsor.   Can I also apply to be a presenter?

A: Absolutely!   However, we kindly ask that you do not submit a proposal that is a sales pitch.  

Higher-level sponsors get a breakout session included in their sponsorship! To find out more, click here.

Q: How important is it for my proposal to be well written?

A: It is extremely important to proofread your spelling, grammar, punctuation, context, and organization when submitting your proposal and contact information.   Your proposal is the key indicator of your level of expertise and preparation.   Once submitted, it cannot be revised!

• Do not use all caps or no caps for your title or description.

• Your proposal should be a dynamic presentation that celebrates our successes, challenges our thinking, and pushes the charter school community forward.

• Proofread your proposal multiple times!   Does your proposal accurately reflect what will occur in your presentation?

• Ask someone else to read your proposal, especially someone unfamiliar with your topic.   Please remember that the individuals evaluating your proposal will likely not have the same background or as much expertise in your topic as you.

• Create a concise, marketable title.   This is critical in drawing attention from the review committee and attracting participants to your presentation if your proposal is selected.

• Write a concise and accurate presentation description.   Consider the participants’ perspective: What is the big takeaway?   What are you showing or teaching?   How will participants use what you presented after your session is over?

Q: I have presented at the Association conference in the past.   Can I re-submit a summary of my presentation?

A: Yes!   We encourage you to submit previously-delivered presentations.   In our goal to provide relevant, engaging breakout sessions, we realize that just because a topic was relevant five years ago, for example, does not mean it is not still relevant this year.   There are attendees who did not get to hear your presentation the first time who may benefit from hearing it this year.   There are attendees who did hear your presentation the first time who would like to continue the original discussion and brainstorm.   You can also use this as an opportunity to share updated data, findings, developments, or even anecdotes since your first presentation (think of it as a Part 2).   However, just because you presented in the past does not guarantee you a session this year.   Your proposal will still be subject to committee review.



Q: My proposal was selected!   What happens now?

A: You will be asked via email to confirm that you will still be able to make it to the conference.   After you confirm, you will be provided the date, time, and location of your breakout session.   Please reserve your hotel room and have your full presentation prepared by the date of the conference.

Q: By what date should I have my full presentation prepared?

A: We do not place a deadline on when presenters should have their full presentation prepared.   It is the presenter’s responsibility to be fully prepared by the time of his or her breakout session.

Q: More than one of my proposals was selected!   Can I present more than once?

A: Yes.   You are allowed to present more than once, but not more than twice.

Q; My proposal was not selected.   Will I be told why? Should I still register for the conference?

A: Unfortunately due to our busy conference season, we will not have time to provide any feedback to your proposal.    However, we still encourage you to register for the conference.    There is a lot to gain, and you can learn from the selected presentations to help develop your proposal for next year.

Q; My proposal was selected, but now I can’t make it.   What should I do?

A: Find a colleague who can take your place ASAP, and notify Operations Assistant Joshua Hoke josh@ncpubliccharters.org.   We will need to know the individual for whom to make a badge to prevent confusion at check-in.   This is another reason why we encourage all presenters to have a presentation partner.   Even if you already have a partner, it would still be a good idea to find an alternate presentation partner for your partner.   It will be your responsibility to contact the hotel to handle your room reservation accordingly and follow the hotel’s policies.

Click the link below to view this year’s breakout sessions!

2017 Conference Breakout Sessions


Still have a question?  You can email your presentation questions to Operations Assistant Joshua Hoke at josh@ncpubliccharters.org.