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Everyone has a stake in a well-educated, prosperous future for our state. With the potential to reform school finance, a new academic accountability system, and the expiration of Classroom Site Fund monies on the horizon, advocacy is more important now than ever.

As your membership organization, we want to partner with you to build a group of Charter Advocates dedicated to improving the education landscape for North Carolina’s students. These Advocates can be parents, board members, teachers or even school leaders.

We are uniquely positioned to harness the power of our charter community, especially due to the fact that under state law school employees, except heads of school cannot act in their official capacity or use public resources to advocate support for or opposition to pending or proposed legislation. In addition, we know your time is valuable, and understand that taking on an additional role of managing Charter Advocates will stretch you even thinner.

How You Can Get Involved

We invite you to take the following actions to support our efforts, to the extent consistent with your internal policies regarding records disclosure and transmission of third-party information.

Share our Charter Advocate Sign Up

  • Through your newsletter or email to your listserv.
  • Via a widget on your website.

Directly Connect us With your Charter Advocates

  • Identify your parent leaders.
  • Share your parent council lists.
  • Invite us to speak directly to families.

Charter Advocates will provide the Association a larger voice on education issues that matter most to you. It’s important to emphasize we will continue to deliver our Association Update newsletters each Wednesday and will renew our regular advocacy conference calls on Thursdays during the legislative session. We pledge to keep you in-the-know about developments that impact the charter school community so that our advocacy efforts can be as effective as possible.

Advocate Workshop

In addition to collecting lists, the Association will host an in-person training and webinar for those interested in learning more about North Carolina’s political landscape and the how-tos of advocacy. The details and date of this workshop will be decided in the coming weeks.North Carolina