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State-Level Advocacy and Coalition Building

The NC Association works to shape public policy and opinion that favors charter school quality and growth as well as funding equity and facilities access.

Each year the Association releases an agenda of legislative priorities for that are established by our board of directors. The Association asks its member schools for feedback on priorities. Based on the results, the Association works to put the agenda into action.


Get Involved


  • Listen to Charter School leaders throughout the state to determine their opinions and needs to set an advocacy agenda
  • Cultivate relationships with the leadership of both parties, and the General Assembly Education and Appropriation committees as well as other legislators influential in public education with the goals of advocating for fair treatment of charter schools and sound charter laws
  • Work with State Board of Education, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Charter School Advisory Board, and Executive Director of Office of Charter Schools to ensure proper governance of charter schools
  • Develop solid relationships with key members of the offices of Governor and Lt. Governor, as well as state federal officials
  • Ensure policy-makers hear the real-world experience of charter school leaders. When necessary, mobilize charter teachers, parents and students to speak to legislators
  • Strengthen relationships with pro-charter and pro-public education strategic partners.