Union Academy Names Margaret Dalpe Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Dalpe with StudentsAfter getting past the shock and surprise of being named the 2016-2017 Union Academy Teacher of the Year, high school English teacher Margaret Dalpe felt the weight of the honor and a great responsibility for carrying the title.
“I feel I must rise to this honor and live up to it every day,” she said. “I want to represent our students and school in a manner that is truly reflective of how special it really is here. If I can share the sense of what it means to be a part of the Union Academy with others, I will have met my goal.”
Dalpe is in her fourth year teaching at Union Academy Charter School. She began her teaching career in 2002 as a lateral entry fourth grade teacher at Charlotte Preparatory School where her son was a student. Prior to teaching, Dalpe worked for 25 years in marketing, sales, and technical writing in construction, accounting, and governmental services. Dalpe said, “It took me 25 years of working in the business world to mature into an adult who could be a teacher.”
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