Triangle Ecycling specializes in IT asset disposition

Triangle Ecycling specializes in IT asset disposition for K-12 schools addressing every concern schools might have. We can usually do this at no cost to you (depending on the equipment). We provide the unique benefit of reusing those computers to educate public school students in how to refurbish and recycle computers through our E-Scholars Internship Program.

What we can do for charter schools:
– Provide secure IT asset removal anywhere in the country.
– Guarantee NIST 800-88 Certified data destruction.
– Provide professional auditing and serial number-level reporting.
– Guarantee responsible recycling backed by a $1m Professional Liability policy.
– CSR: your retired computers support STEM education.

We are a triple bottom line business providing computer tech vocational education through the collecting, refurbishing and recycling of computers. Our mission is to educate and mentor high school students, protect our environment and give back to our community. Refurbished computers are given to local charities and sold locally and online to support the program and bridge the Digital Divide. We are Green Plus Certified by the Institute for Sustainable Development and donate 10% of profits to local schools in support of sustainability education.

Our clients include Durham Public Schools, Durham County, Duke School, Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools, National Heritage Academies, Voyager Academy, Measurement Inc., SRA Int’l., Smith Breeden, law firms and MD offices. I’ll look forward to hearing from you or the appropriate person in IT/asset disposition.

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Larry Herst, Founder/CEO
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