Response to Lt. Governor Candidate Position to Close Charters

Below is link to an article that appeared in the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer on the race for Lt. Governor. In it, Linda Coleman is reported to take the following position:
Perhaps more controversially, she would reduce the number of charter schools. There are now 167, according to the Department of Public Instruction. She would reduce it to 100.
To stay in business, she would review the performance of every charter school and what they contribute to overall public education. “They were supposed to be used as labs,” she says.
Obviously, such an action would not be good for charter schools in North Carolina. In fact, the position is so extreme it hard to believe she meant it. Below is a second link containing a letter to the Coleman campaign from the unified Association giving her the opportunity to clarify and explain her position. If true, we ask her to give more details about the methodology to determine which charter schools to close. When we receive her response, we will communicate it to you.
Should you wish to communicate your thoughts directly, the campaign email is INFO@LINDAFORNC.COM


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