North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association

Advisory Board “CSAB”

The North Carolina Public Charter School Advisory Board recommends policies for adoption by the State Board of Education regarding all aspects of charter school operation, including timelines, standards, criteria for acceptance and approval of applications.  The council also monitors charter schools and grounds for revocation of charters.  The council will undertake any of the duties and responsibilities directed by the State Board of Education.

Senate Bill 8, in 2011 created what became the Council, comprised of 15 members. This advisory body was replaced by Senate Bill 337’s 11 voting member Board in 2013. The Advisory Board (CSAB) initial meeting was Oct. 15, 2013.

Contact information is below along with a link to the Bylaws and Rules of the Council.

Advisory Board members are below with more information here. The official Office of Charter Schools’ Board page is here.

Alan     Hawkes
Alex     Quigley
Baker   Mitchell
Becky   Taylor
Cheryl Turner
Eric      Sanchez
Helen   Nance
Joe      Maimone
Paul     Norcross
Steven     Walker
Tammi     Sutton