North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association

Accounting Services

Julie Ayers, CPA, CGMA

To: Prospective and Established NC Public Charter Schools

How can we help you?

LB&A, Certified Public Accountants, PLLC is proud to provide full service accounting and payroll services for prospective and established NC charter schools through the NC Public Charter Schools Association.

If you are beginning the process of the application, our staff is ready to help you with preliminary budgets and forecasts.  After your charter school begins, we are ready to start your monthly accounting, payroll, payroll tax administration and tax preparation.

Have a volunteer acting as your school’s accountant? 

Consider this… accounting for a charter school requires specialized knowledge to keep your school in compliance and also requires software approved by the state.  Working with LB&A will give you a full time staff of accountants who are trained and ready to deliver charter school accounting, relieving you of the worries of being in or out of compliance with the state.  You will also have access to a full time accounting staff trained in ISIS, one of the state approved accounting software options for charter schools.

Teamwork and connections are important.

LB&A is a proud member of NC Public Charter Schools Association. With Eddie Goodall as Executive Director, charter school members know that their voice will be heard in Raleigh.

The choice is yours…

            Do you want a CPA firm who is an active coach or an observer?  

If you want a coach, then working with LB&A is your answer.  We want to be your charter school’s business coach regarding tax, accounting and business advice.  Want to know more?

Please contact Partner Julie Ayers, CPA, CGMA, or by phone at 704-841-1120 x 103 or the Association at 704-236-1234 today!

Your focus is education.

Our focus is Charter School accounting.

It makes sense to work together.