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  • Charter schools are worth the investment

    By Dr. Terry Stoops Two weeks ago, I discussed a report on educational productivity published by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank located in D.C.  This week, I’ll take a look at a new report on charter school productivity published by researchers at the University of Arkansas’s Department of Education Reform. Read […]

  • Senate Bill 793 compromise vote today

      The conference committee report and vote on SB 793 is calendared for today. The compromise bill cannot be amended at this stage and will likely pass easily. The bill: allows a “teacher” employed by a charter to serve on the Board of Directors of the school, but as a “non-voting” member, requires the State […]

  • Is STEM Running Out of STEAM?

      by Mystica Nelmes   STEM schools are a hot topic in our country, but is STEM running out of STEAM? Most of us already know STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math and STEAM is the same acronym, but with the Arts included. These five subjects have become the focus in our schools […]

  • Goodwill receives approval for Tennessee adult charter school

    The Shelby County School Board has approved an application by Memphis Goodwill Inc. to open a free public charter high school for adults called The Excel Center. Memphis Goodwill applied for the charter in late 2013. The approval will clear the way for the school to open next fall. The Excel Center will offer adult […]

  • CoastLine: Charter Schools in NC — What Role Do They Play within the Public School System?

    CoastLine: Charter Schools in NC — What Role Do They Play within the Public School System? Eddie Goodall and Nick Rhodes of the NCPCSA and Public Schools First NC discuss charters on public radio. Listen below.  

  • “Working the Curve” by Public Impact

    The need for a strong charter support organization (“CSO”) for North Carolina’s charters is well documented and recognized both in our state and around the country. The report below, beginning on page 27, tells one why the NC Public Charter Schools Association is a fundamental necessity for a healthy and balanced charter environment. Although this […]