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  • Revised NC charter school report includes accolades

    Lee Teague, spokesman for the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association, approved of the qualifiers attached to the section on students’ family income. He had criticized the first version for not saying that schools may under-report enrollment of low-income students. “All we were saying earlier is that the data was not completely reliable,” he said. “The […]

  • Record Number of Events Scheduled for National School Choice Week

    An unprecedented 16,104 events are scheduled across the country for National School Choice Week, which began Monday even as some schools were closed due to snow. A record 32 governors and 240 mayors and county leaders issued official proclamations recognizing the week of Jan. 24-30 as School Choice Week, which is designed to spotlight educational […]

  • Talon Challenge: TJCA and Lincoln Charter

    For Immediate Release: In observance of School Choice Week 2016, two regional charter schools Lincoln Charter School in Lincoln County, and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Rutherford County, reported on the recent success of the seventh annual Talon Challenge competition between the two school communities. The Talon Challenge was started in 2009, to build upon […]

  • National School Choice Week

    Good morning — National School Choice Week is officially underway! Check out our press release from this morning, and don’t forget to watch our kickoff video and our first Spotlight Tonight video roundup. Also, please make sure you’ve signed up for our social media Thunderclap, to help get #SchoolChoice trending. Pre-load your Tweet or Facebook message here: […]

  • 2015 NCPCSA Financial Statements

    Introductory Letter 2015 Financial Statements

  • How many NC charters in 10 years?

    The question in the title is posed to me often and I always repeat that guarded CPA and attorney retort, “It depends.” I do look ahead, like you, and wonder myself. So, if I were forced to guess, this is what I’d say. Currently, there are 158 charters with about 81,686 students, serving 5.4% of […]