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  • Hall school system considers going charter

    Hall County School District, and all school districts in Georgia, have until June 30 to decide whether they will be a traditional system, a charter system or an Investing in Educational Excellence system (IE2). – Read more here   

  • The Importance of Afterschool Programming

      The nation’s most in-depth study of how America’s children spend their afternoons finds that 15 million children — more than a quarter of our children — are alone and unsupervised after school. – Read more here

  • Local schools shine in state performance measurements

    As for the two charter schools located in Mooresville, Pine Lake Preparatory had approximately 81.2 percent of its students test proficient in all subjects and 22.1 percent of students fell in the level 5 achievement ranking. Meanwhile, Langtree Charter School—which received performance indicators for the first year—had 73.5 percent of its students test proficient on […]

  • Achievement gap key: level of expectations

    “Achievement gap key: level of expectations” by Frank Martin, Chair of the Board at Sugar Creek – Read more here

  • Labour to put an end to charter schools

    “Labour say they will put an end to charter schools if they are elected at the end of this month.” – Read more here

  • California Teachers’ Union Sets Sights on Charters

    “The California Teachers Association, or the CTA, the NEA’s largest state affiliate, officially listed charter school organizing as a focus area in its long-term strategic plan in January after nibbling around the issue for two years. ” – Read more here