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  • Lee Teague: Charter school realities

    In your Feb. 1 editorial “Sorry teachers – again,” you repeated a myth that charter schools “drain” money from conventional schools. Charter school funding does come from the same pots as traditional schools. But they also “drain” 82,000 students in our state. Since charters are funded per pupil, simple math tells us that per pupil […]

  • North Carolina’s 2 charter school groups will merge

    Two groups representing North Carolina’s burgeoning charter school movement announced Friday they will merge. “By joining together, we can focus on providing the support charter schools need so they can deliver the education our students deserve,” Lisa Gordon Stella, board chair of the Raleigh-based N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools, said in a notice of […]

  • Association and Alliance to Merge

                    Two NC Charter School Organizations will Combine Efforts   North Carolina’s two charter school advocacy organizations announced today they have agreed to combine efforts as a single organization.   The NC Public Charter Schools Association and the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools are non-profit organizations that […]

  • Raleigh charter school that serves low-income students is growing

    RALEIGH – At PAVE Southeast Raleigh Charter School, kindergartners analyze Langston Hughes poems, answer questions in complete sentences and “kiss their brains” when they answer correctly. The school of mostly minority and low-income students in its first year of operation is already in an expansion mode. It has received State Board of Education approval to nearly […]

  • Charter growth in Mecklenburg expected to outstrip CMS 5 to 1

    Mecklenburg County’s public school enrollment is expected to grow by roughly 3,200 students next year. And for every one that chooses Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the district expects five to pick charter schools. That nugget, tucked into a budget report at Tuesday’s school board meeting, was overshadowed by more dramatic and controversial items. But charter school growth […]

  • Lee Teague: Charter schools, conventional public schools both want to help children

    Whether it’s the people we associate with, the food we eat, or the news we read, the trend for the last 60-plus years has been for more diversity and more individual choice. We are no longer a one-size-fits-all type of society. But that often means challenging our old ways and being open to new ideas. […]