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  • March Newsletter from the National Alliance

    I just wrapped up two days in New York City at a series of meetings with journalists and others to talk about the role of charter schools in American education. It’s an interesting time to be in New York, in light of the significant media attention and political backlash that Mayor Bill de Blasio has […]

  • Can NC charter school pay stay secret?

    North Carolina charter schools don’t have to disclose employee salaries like other public schools do, even though they receive hundreds of millions of dollars in public money, state education officials said this week. But a lawyer for the General Assembly says charter schools are required to reveal what employees earn. In fact, they have less […]

  • The Charter Conspirators

    In the war between the rich and the poor, I’m enlisting on the side of the underdog — the rich. What a drubbing they’ve been taking! Across the nation, but particularly in cities such as New York and Washington, the rich are incessantly accused of being slyly manipulative and self-serving. For instance, they support charter […]

  • Jonathan Hage joins CER Board of Directors

    (WASHINGTON, DC) – The Center for Education Reform (CER) announced the election of Jonathan Hage, founder, chairman, president and CEO of Charter Schools USA, Inc. to its Board of Directors. From his service in the U.S. Army to his creation of Charter Schools USA, Hage’s personal life and professional career have been dedicated to service, […]

  • Blair: New Reading Law Has Not Achieved Its Goal

    RALEIGH — The first week of February brought Wayne County mother Jennifer Strickland an eye-popping surprise. A letter from the principal indicated that one of her twin boys — a stellar, straight-A student reading at an almost sixth-grade level — was in danger of being retained in third grade. A series of new reading minitests […]

  • Study: Los Angeles charter schools outperform traditional district schools

    Full report may be found here Stanford University’s Center for Research on Economic Outcomes (CREDO) issued a report Saturday that found charter school students in Los Angeles learn more in a year than their peers in traditional district schools. According to the study, charter school students receive the equivalent of about 50 more days of learning in […]