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  • National Alliance Annual Report: Delivering on the Dream

    Read our 2013 Annual Report and learn about: Our work in Washington to serve as a bridge between the federal government and the charter school community Our strategy in the states Our efforts to bring policymakers into schools so they can see firsthand the amazing work teachers and school leaders are doing Our role as the […]

  • Individual District Schools Don’t Serve All Students, Either

    But here’s where charter opponents get it wrong: district schools practice all manner of “selectivity” in the cause of specialization, too. Selective-admissions magnet schools are the best example, but you can find explicit enrollment criteria in other district programs, too, including gifted-and-talented initiatives and some career- and technical-education options. Then take special education. School districts […]

  • Meet Our Speakers: Jon Hage

    Jon Hage From his service in the U.S. Army to his creation of Charter Schools USA (CSUSA), Jon Hage’s personal life and professional career have been dedicated to service, leadership and creating systemic change. Hage founded CSUSA in 1997 as a concept designed to impact the nation’s education system. Today, CSUSA is one of the […]

  • Proposed Iredell charter schools don’t make the cut

    Three charter schools hoping to open in Iredell County in 2015 were not recommended for approval last week by the state’s Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB). Only 11 of the 71 charter school applicants to file with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction by Dec. 6, 2013 received a recommendation for approval. The proposed Iredell […]

  • Florida charters reflect superior academic results

    “The achievement gap section of the report contains data that are used to analyze the gap between white students and African American students, and white students and Hispanic students, in reading, mathematics, and science. This section of the report includes 18 separate comparisons of current achievement gaps. The achievement gap was lower for charter school […]

  • NC charter board approves 11 schools, rejects most applicants

    But Eddie Goodall, a Union County charter-school advocate and former state senator, says the board went too far in rejecting applications. “We are all kind of in a daze at the proclivity for saying ‘no’ from this charter board,” said Goodall, president of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association. Read more here…