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  • OECD Test for Schools: Your opportunity to have your school internationally ranked.

    “Starting in fall 2014, public charter schools can sign up for the OECD Test for Schools, which is based on the internationally-respected PISA test, administered in more than 70 countries. This new tool measures the knowledge of 15 year olds in reading, math, and science, as well as their ability to reason, analyze information, and […]

  • Four High Schools Getting Specialized Programs

    “CMS said this week that they’re implementing a Cambridge International program at Hopewell and its feeder schools. Essentially, it’s an advanced course of study and rigorous set of standards developed at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The program is viewed similarly to International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement coursework.” – Read more here.

  • Charter schools to discuss legislative issues

    “Just the facts” News Release Information contact: Eddie Goodall, Executive Director NC Public Charter Schools Association 704-236-1234 Charter schools to discuss legislative issues Charlotte, NC October 17, 2014- The NC Public Charter Schools Association (NCPCSA) will hold a series of meetings around the state to help formulate its legislative agenda for 2015. Member charter […]

  • Charter schools morph into charter districts

    A little-noticed development is about to change the education landscape as we know it: Nearly a dozen charter school networks have grown to the size of midsized school districts. Now what? – Read more here 

  • Concord Charter School Learns from its Past

    “We’ve been real cautious, and I think that’s going to be our appoach going forward.” – Read more here

  • Franklin School of Innovation Wins Grant aimed to Expand High Quality Charter Schools

    Franklin School of Innovation, Asheville’s new Expeditionary Learning (EL) Middle & High School, is the winner of a $194,000 (3-year renewable) start-up grant from the Federal Department of Education. Congressman Meadow’s office called the school with the announcement. A letter of support from his office lauds Franklin’s efforts seeking a student body diversified by socioeconomic […]