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  • Pre-K and Charter Schools, Perfect Together

    Both charter schools and publicly funded pre-K can improve learning for children in poverty. Together, they have the potential to do even more to close the achievement gap for at-risk students. Yet policies in many states prevent charter schools from serving pre-K students. This is a huge missed opportunity – one that’s only going to […]

  • NC Senate transfers control of Office of Charter Schools

    The Senate passed a bill Thursday stripping the state Department of Public Instruction of oversight of charter schools after Republican lawmakers charged that education officials are hostile to those non-traditional public schools. Read more here…

  • NCVPS offers online PE

    The North Carolina Virtual Public School is excited to announce that it is offering physical education online! Our Fitness – Physical Education course is the entry-level high school course that meets the graduation requirement in North Carolina. Students can enroll in the stand-alone course for .5 credit or take it in conjunction with our health […]

  • How diverse are charter schools?

    Why should we care about diversity in charter offerings? Simply maximizing reading and math scores is not the sole thing that parents want from schools. Sure, having a strong academic program is important, but parents have diverse tastes, and the schools that they can choose from should reflect those. We wanted to see, circa 2015, […]

  • State panel backs opening Holly Springs charter school

    On Friday, the N.C. Charter Schools Advisory Board unanimously recommended that Pine Springs get approval from the State Board of Education to open for the 2016-17 school year. The State Board of Education already has given initial authorization for Peak Charter Academy, which has plans to open in 2016 in Cary or Apex. Read more […]

  • Charters and Choice: The road to a better North Carolina

    “At CarolinaCAN, we are committed to revitalizing North Carolina’s public schools so that every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, gets the first-class education they need to succeed. Incumbent in that is a conversation about choice. We have to let families make choices about what’s right for them and their […]