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  • Concord Charter School Learns from its Past

    “We’ve been real cautious, and I think that’s going to be our appoach going forward.” – Read more here

  • Franklin School of Innovation Wins Grant aimed to Expand High Quality Charter Schools

    Franklin School of Innovation, Asheville’s new Expeditionary Learning (EL) Middle & High School, is the winner of a $194,000 (3-year renewable) start-up grant from the Federal Department of Education. Congressman Meadow’s office called the school with the announcement. A letter of support from his office lauds Franklin’s efforts seeking a student body diversified by socioeconomic […]

  • NC Charter Schools Advisory Board Policy and Performance Subcommittees to Meet Prior to Full Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting

    The North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board and its Policy and Performance Subcommittees will meet Monday, Oct. 13, in the Education Building, 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh.   The Policy and Performance Subcommittees will meet from 10 -11:30 a.m. The Policy Subcommittee will meet in Room 755 and discuss revisions to the Renewal Guide and […]

  • What’s Next for Accountability?

    “There is a backlash against accountability. Critics have legitimate concerns about imperfect measurement and unintended consequences. But the demand to drop performance measurement and remedies in case of school failure is unrealistic: Americans can’t be compelled to send their children to schools that don’t have to demonstrate results. That’s why we (CRPE and Fordham) put […]

  • Why charters serve fewer English learners

    “As charter schools continue their expansion, the most important question still facing New York City is whether the independently-run, lottery-admission public schools offer sufficiently welcoming environments to all students.” – Read more here 

  • Two Union groups apply for charter school

    Eddie Goodall, executive director of the NC Public Charter Schools Association, said he is not surprised by the decrease in applicants and, in fact, predicted 40.  “Generally, smart people use their time very wisely and when you hear that there was a 15 percent approval rate of charter schools the previous year, you have to […]