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  • Valuing standardized tests

    Curiously, none of this made me resent the importance of standardized testing, or wish that it didn’t exist. What it did do was put steel in my spine and make me determined to match, accomplishment for accomplishment, my better-pedigreed classmates. Competition is good, and finding out I’d been chosen “despite” my less-than-impressive test scores made […]

  • Law: Schools must keep “EpiPens” on hand

    Public schools in North Carolina will have to keep emergency allergy injections on campus at all times under the state budget Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law Thursday. Read more here… Read more here:

  • SB 793 Charter School Modifications

    Read the whole bill here     SB 793

  • Mitchell, Norcross, resign from state Charter School Advisory Board

    RALEIGH, North Carolina — Two members of the North Carolina Charter School Advisory Board who had been the target of ethics complaints have resigned. Read more here… (Note: The complaint was not made by nor opined upon by the NCPCSA)

  • Charter schools bring excitement, tension

    “Western North Carolina has great schools, but parents deserve a choice as to what the best fit is for their children,” said Kate Alice Dunaway, coordinator for the INVEST Collegiate “Imagine” campus. “Students deserve a choice, and going to the school that they’re assigned to is not a choice at all.” – Read more here

  • McCrory signs controversial charter school bill

    The comments below are mine and not an official NCPCSA position as I have said. My comments regard the compensation of those who work for companies contracted with by our schools. Eddie Goodall, executive director of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association, said he’s heard plenty of cries for transparency, but not enough reasoning behind […]