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  • Leeway for struggling charter schools proposed

    The State Board of Education is considering a new policy that would allow struggling charter schools to stay open. The current policy requires the board to begin revoking a school’s charter if students do not meet expectations for academic growth and if fewer than 60 percent meet proficiency standards. Read more here…

  • Do Your Volunteers Love You?

    It’s actually easier than you think to make your volunteers feel valued and appreciated. Giving them a chance to shine, making sure they’re having fun, and thanking them sincerely (and frequently) for their time and effort are just a few of the ways to create the kind of vibe in your group that will keep […]

  • Survey Explores Why People Go Into Teaching in the First Place

    Ninety-three percent of teachers say that the prospect of making a difference in students’ lives played a critical role in attracting them to the profession, according to a new United Kingdom-based survey. Read more here…

  • Court of Appeals upholds TJCA v. Cleveland Co.

    The NC Court of Appeals issued a decision in a funding case by three charter schools (Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, Lincoln Charter School, and Piedmont Community Charter School) against Cleveland County Schools. The decision upholds a trial court win for the charter schools and affirms arguments charter advocates have been making to the Legislature. The […]

  • Millennium Charter Academy hosts 7th-annual blood drive with American Red Cross

    Millennium Charter Academy collected 36 pints of blood at this year’s Halloween blood drive. Partnering with American Red Cross for the seventh year, Millennium set a goal for 38 pints of blood. The duo reached 94 percent of their goal. Read more here…

  • Did a teachers union pay for a report slamming charter schools?

    The Center for Media and Democracy’s new report “Charter School Black Hole” doesn’t contain any meaningful information about how charter schools operate, but it does raise one interesting question. Did a national teachers union pay CMD $30,000 to produce the report? CMD describes its report, which skews facts and omits much needed context to paint […]