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  • 2015 NCPCSA Financial Statements

    Introductory Letter 2015 Financial Statements

  • How many NC charters in 10 years?

    The question in the title is posed to me often and I always repeat that guarded CPA and attorney retort, “It depends.” I do look ahead, like you, and wonder myself. So, if I were forced to guess, this is what I’d say. Currently, there are 158 charters with about 81,686 students, serving 5.4% of […]

  • Joshua Hoke, Operations Assistant nonpareil!

    Becoming an Operations Assistant with the NC Public Charter Schools Association is my first job in the career for which I went to graduate school. I earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from UNC Charlotte in 2012 with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. My career goal is to be a director or officer in […]

  • 20th anniversary of NC Charter law logo

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  • Exploring The Racial Imbalance Of NC’s Charter Schools

    In terms of the makeup of the student population, advocates argue that the state’s 158 charter schools can’t pick and choose who will apply. “There’s no mechanism by which charter schools can ensure racial and ethnic balance,” says Lee Teague, director of Public Relations & Grassroots Development of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association. A […]

  • How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers

    TWO of our most vital industries, health care and education, have become increasingly subjected to metrics and measurements. Of course, we need to hold professionals accountable. But the focus on numbers has gone too far. We’re hitting the targets, but missing the point. Education is experiencing its own version of measurement fatigue. Educators complain that […]