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  • Sharing Success

    When America’s first charter school law was passed in Minnesota 25 years ago, charters were envisioned as laboratories of innovation that would help inform practices in the broader public education system. It hasn’t worked out that way, however, and the relationship between charters and district schools has instead been one of competition and acrimony. But […]

  • North Carolina’s new charter school cap

    An open letter to North Carolina parents from Eddie Goodall, former executive director of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association:   Dear N.C. parent,   Today, as you look around you do not see the neighborhood charter school that you perhaps envisioned for your child. We took surveys and found that 70 percent of you […]

  • Charter advocates reeling after low number of new charter schools approved for 2017

    Days after the State Board of Education voted last week to reject five of the Charter School Advisory Board’s 13 recommendations for new charter schools seeking to open in 2017, members of the charter oversight board convening in Raleigh on Tuesday expressed shock and dismay about what they perceived as disrespect by the State Board […]

  • Charlotte’s charter school surge slows as state tightens scrutiny for 2017

    The surge of charter schools in Charlotte and across North Carolina will slow in 2017, as the state Board of Education Thursday rejected several applications that members feared could end in school failure.   The result: Only eight of 28 charter school applications for 2017-18 won approval, including two in Mecklenburg County and one just […]

  • Dr. Howard Fuller Speaks About Charter Schools

    Dr. Howard Fuller’s keynote speech at our NC Charter conference so was well-received we wanted to share it with each of you! It is 35 minutes, but well worth the time. It is the inspiring message you need before the start of a new school year.   Dr. Fuller General Session Speech  

  • Gangs unite to bring message of peace, hope to children

    RALEIGH – AJ Jones is 14 years old and a member of the gang Blood StoneVillains. ABC 11 caught him crying after a presentation where Jones and gang-affiliated members of the Crips, Bloods, Folks, 52hoovers and 74hoovers told students at Torchlight Academy they want to make a change and stop the violence in their community. […]