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  • Dr. Terry Stoops on education legislation

    CommenTerry I have numerous pieces of legislation, including the state budget, on my radar, but here are a few key ones: Data collection Senate Bill 815: Ensuring Privacy of Student Records: Senators Barefoot, Brock, and Soucek are the primary sponsors of SB 815, a long overdue measure that would ensure that government agencies secure student […]

  • What to consider when choosing an audit firm

    Jay E. Sharpe, CPA, CFE Certified Public Accountant Senior Audit Manager Rives & Associates, LLP Cell: 919-961-7496 Charlotte, NC | Raleigh, NC | Lexington, NC   Charter schools are required to have an annual financial statement audit performed. In many cases, they are also required to have a Single Audit performed depending on […]

  • “Writing a Quality Charter Application”

    Dear charter applicant for the Class of 2016,   Our staff has sat through 40 application subcommittee reviews this year as well as the 11 interviews just this month. You and we know that to get an application through there are opportunities and pitfalls.Writing a quality charter application is not easy and we think we […]

  • McCrory says he’ll veto charter schools bill over salary records

    Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday said he will veto the charter school bill if the legislature approves it, over a provision that would keep secret how much employees are paid. Read more here… Read more here:

  • Testing and teachers’ opinions

    Standardized testing for public school students concluded last month, but the debate about the state’s accountability system continues.  According to the 2014 N.C. Teacher Working Conditions Survey, teachers are increasingly unsatisfied with the direction of North Carolina’s testing program.  Read more here…

  • NC Charter Schools Conference Registration!

    The N.C. Public Charter Schools Association will host the 2014 N.C. Charter Schools Conference July 30-Aug. 1 at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel in Wilmington. Charter governance, operations, advocacy and instruction will be covered in more than 50 topic-specific sessions, and national keynote speakers and a panel of experts will discuss the future of the […]