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  • NAACP call for charter school moratorium raises concerns

    A controversial Oct. 15 resolution passed by the national board of the NAACP calling for a nationwide moratorium on public charter schools has led some North Carolina lawmakers and school-choice advocates to question whether the NAACP is more beholden to powerful lobbies supporting traditional public schools than to the African-American families the organization claims to […]

  • NAACP Ratifies Confusing Policy Against Charter Public Schools

    CINCINNATI –As expected, the NAACP Board of Directors ratified a call for a moratorium on charter public schools at the organization’s fall meeting today, despite calls from Black leaders and families around the country urging the organization to reconsider. The confusing statement from the NAACP calls for a temporary moratorium on the expansion of charter […]

  • Former NFL Star Now Building A $12 Million Charter School on Charlotte’s West-Side

    Some may know Charlotte resident Casey Crawford as an NFL Super Bowl Champion, others, as the head of the fastest growing mortgage company in America, but now he has his sights set on building Charlotte’s best new charter school.   Movement School will be a new tuition-free public charter school on Charlotte’s west side (most […]

  • A Misguided Attack on Charter Schools

    The N.A.A.C.P., the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, has struggled in recent years to win over younger African-Americans, who often see the group as out of touch. The N.A.A.C.P.’s board will reinforce that impression if it ratifies an ill-advised resolution — scheduled for a vote this weekend — that calls for a moratorium on expansion […]

  • Charter school funding debate significant

    By Lee Teague   I read Eric Wildstein’s article last week, “Charter school funding debates a distraction?, on a report by Kris Nordstrom. Public charters think the methodology of Mr. Nordstrom’s report is flawed.   He does not count the local funding charters received before 2010, but do not now. Some of that is federal […]

  • Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy’s SAT(1701) #6 in the State!

    Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy’s average SAT score of 1701 (combined critical reading, math, and writing) ranked sixth among North Carolina’s public school systems in 2016, according to data published on October 7 , 2016 by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.   Read More