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  • Charter Schools Cost Unions Millions in Dues

    “There’s a reason teachers unions don’t like charter schools,” said Audrey Spalding, the director of education policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “It’s all about membership and union dues. Every charter schoolteacher costs the union as much as $1,000 annually. That’s a big motivation for unions to try to limit the growth of […]

  • The bias stain on our brains

    “To better understand the roots of racial division in America, think about this: The human brain seems to be wired so that it categorizes people by race in the first one-fifth of a second after seeing a face. Brain scans show that even when people are told to sort people by gender, the brain still […]

  • Charter School Advocates Urge Continued Support From State Leaders

    RALEIGH—Advocates for charter schools in North Carolina are encouraging state leaders to continue their support of these public schools. There are approximately 150 charter schools in the state, but recently questions have been raised about accountability of the schools. This comes after three charter schools have been closed by the state due to financial issues. […]

  • Junge offers tips on local charter schools

    A former Minnesota state senator who drafted the nation’s first charter-school law proposed ways Guam’s charter-school law could be improved yesterday. Read more here…

  • Charter Closing Fund Raises Concerns

    “We don’t want to see charter schools close without some responsibility back to the taxpayers and the teachers of the school. If an operator of a charter school can’t put a $50,000 letter of credit or bond, then we have a problem. Then that board had better wake up to that problem and pay better attention to […]

  • New study suggests urban students do significantly better in charter schools

    Students in major urban centers around the country perform better in charter schools than they do in traditional public schools, according to a new study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University. Read more here…