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  • CMS And Charter Schools

    If you’ve been following public education in recent years, it almost seems as if the system is under siege.  That’s certainly the case locally.  CMS recently told county commissioners that they would likely lose $80 million to charter schools this year – an amount that cannot be made up with cuts in overhead.  And teacher […]

  • Here’s the real lesson of the StudentFirst situation

    The Observer’s editorial of April 5 (“Charter hoopla: Let’s do it right”) misses the real lesson of an unfortunate situation. It’s true that StudentFirst’s 270 students are the victims in the closing of the school. But to conclude that the failure of one school should “encourage a pause to determine how things could be done […]

  • Here’s the real lesson from StudentFirst

    Unlike district schools, charters are accountable directly to parents. No charter has ever taken a child out of a district school – parents do that. Charters have to earn those students back every year by performing well. Read more here… Read more here:

  • Charter school application mystifies many

    “The fundamental problem is that some of the processes in place for reviewing applications are actually left over from the past,” explained Eddie Goodall, Executive Director of the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association. Previously, a Charter Schools Advisory Council reviewed charter school applications. Last year, lawmakers dismantled that board and put the Charter School […]

  • Charter hoopla: Let’s do it right

    It’s called StudentFirst Academy but that, sadly, is a tragic misnomer. Leaders of the charter school on Tuckaseegee Road in west Charlotte put many things before students, such as giving themselves large raises. Now the financial problems run so deep that the school will close next week. Among the most innocent victims? About 270 children […]

  • Federal bill would allow high quality charter schools to replicate

    Charter school proponents have voiced support for a federal bill, calling the legislation “a set of common-sense sort of updates” to the current federal charter school program. A federal bill would help replicate high-performing charter schools. “It takes one of the most effective programs within the federal department of education budget and fine-tunes it to […]