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  • Charter Schools USA could earn contract extensions by meeting city schools performance goals

    “Charter Schools USA would run district York City schools for at least five years, and maybe longer depending on schools’ performance, under a proposed contract that could be voted on next week.” – Read more here

  • Charter School Advisory Board Rules Seven Applications Incomplete

    By Mary Catherine Sauer, Director of School Support   The Charter School Advisory Board met on November 13, 2014 to rule on the completeness of the charter schools applying to open in 2016.  40 non-profits submitted applications along with the $1,000 filing fee by the September 26th deadline. At the end of the day, 7 applications […]

  • Advisory Board Rejects 2016 Charter School Applications; Still Considering Others

    “On Thursday, the N.C. Charter Schools Advisory Board voted to continue evaluating those charter applications, but seven applications didn’t make it past the first stage of the approval process.” – Read more here.

  • Awash in a Sea of Misinformation: Charter School Myths and Realities

    “Charter schools: a subject that has elicited more misinformation than any educational topic I can remember during my long career as an educator. The choruses of ardent supporters and ardent opponents continue. I encounter misinformation regularly, especially from non-educators, but also in the media, and occasionally from teachers. Many of the arguments are based on […]

  • Tensions rise over NC charter school rejections

    A state screening board’s recent decision to reject most charter school applications has sparked tension over the role private management companies should play in public education. The N.C. Charter School Advisory Board approved only 11 of the 71 applications filed to open schools in 2015. That’s fewer than half the number approved for 2014, with […]

  • The New Threats to Charter Schools

    State legislators should be congratulated for eliminating the 100-school cap on charters and tweaking the charter school law over the last four years.  North Carolina’s charter school community is thriving thanks to their work. But several threats to that prosperity remain — de facto restrictions on the growth of brick-and-mortar and virtual charter schools, conflicts […]