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  • Minnesota Court Of Appeals Ruling On Status Of Charter School Corporations

    On Monday, June 8, 2015, a three (3) judge panel of the Minnesota State Court of Appeals ruled in the case Tipka v. Lincoln International Charter School that a charter school is not a public corporation. The Court’s decision is a significant decision. First, it clarifies that charter school nonprofit corporations are not public corporations, […]

  • Franklin County will get its second charter school

    Franklin County’s second charter school will open in July, giving families another option in an area where some students leave the county to attend charter schools. Youngsville Academy, a year-round school for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, will fill a need in Franklin County, according to the school’s charter application. Read more here…

  • NC charters get 83 cents on the dollar

    “Statewide, North Carolina’s 98 charter schools included in this analysis received 17.2 percent less funding than district schools: $9,999 vs. $8,277 per pupil” Arkansas study of NC charter funding  

  • Meet the education superstar behind Charlotte’s newest uptown school

    Before it even opens, the school has been lauded as a “breakthrough model” and received more than $350,000 in grants. The vision is to create “what elementary school needs to be,” Moss Brown said. The secret sauce comes in the nine-week projects students will work through with organizations outside the school – which she calls […]

  • Find your county and how much you are being short changed!

    Download the PDF file .

  • Teach kids to cope before they fly the coop

    Anxiety is the No. 1 mental health concern presented by students to counseling centers at American college campuses, according to a recent study of more than 100,000 students by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University. The cause? Some psychologists are pointing their fingers toward parents. Read more here…