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  • Steve Joyner Consulting Services End User and Network Support Specialist

    Steve Joyner Consulting Services End User and Network Support Specialist

  • We Have a Plan, But….

      Record-keeping, identification, intervention, federal and state requirements, implementing a full range of exceptional children’s programs and services that clearly indicates a commitment that all students will receive a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE)….all these things are required in a charter application in order to open a charter school in North Carolina. And, of course, […]

  • A True Community School

    A True Community School By Phyliss Boatwright RCS Journalism Teacher/Public Information Officer, Roxboro Community School In 2005, a group of Person County, North Carolina parents united around a dream of giving students and parents an alternative to traditional public education. They also wanted to make use of one of several empty textile manufacturing plants in […]

  • K-3 Formative Assessment Matters- July

    K-3 Formative Assessment Matters The Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) and the K-3 Formative Assessment currently in development will assess the five essential domains of learning. For assessment to be a seamless process of assessing-and-instructing, best teaching practices must be implemented in the classroom. This month we will unpack the National Association for the Education of […]

  • Dr. Terry Stoops on education legislation

    CommenTerry I have numerous pieces of legislation, including the state budget, on my radar, but here are a few key ones: Data collection Senate Bill 815: Ensuring Privacy of Student Records: Senators Barefoot, Brock, and Soucek are the primary sponsors of SB 815, a long overdue measure that would ensure that government agencies secure student […]

  • What to consider when choosing an audit firm

    Jay E. Sharpe, CPA, CFE Certified Public Accountant Senior Audit Manager Rives & Associates, LLP Cell: 919-961-7496 Charlotte, NC | Raleigh, NC | Lexington, NC   Charter schools are required to have an annual financial statement audit performed. In many cases, they are also required to have a Single Audit performed depending on […]