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  • Maryland state senator wants Pr. George’s charter school to become a contract school

    “When a Maryland state senator said he wanted to make changes to the charter school agreement between College Park Academy , which has ties to the University of Maryland and the Prince George’s County school system, parents wondered what that would mean for the school’s future.” – Read more here 

  • NCPCSA 2015 Legislative Agenda

    2015-2016 Legislative Agenda The NC Public Charter Schools Association (Association) is a partnership of charter schools, employees, volunteers, educators, policy-makers, legislators, businesses, and public supporters who believe that choice, collaboration and positive competition, using high quality public charter schools, are due the parents and children of North Carolina and represent good public policy! We are […]

  • Charlotte-based charter advocate wants its schools to get lottery money

    Getting their share ranks near the top of the association’s long list of priorities. Others run the gamut from allowing charter schools to charge fees that their local traditional school district does not, to making it easier for charter schools to obtain grants. READ MORE HERE…

  • Charter Schools Scrutinized, Why Not CMS?

    “Charter schools are private businesses funded in part, but only in part, by tax dollars.  Since they provide educational services to children and are in competition with public schools for children, those who oppose them make every effort to destroy them. This despite, or maybe because of, the fact that charter schools often bring improved […]

  • Best Public High Schools in North Carolina

    “The Best Public High Schools ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall experience at public high schools in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It uses data sourced from various government and public data sets, Niche’s own proprietary data, and 4,625,227 opinion-based survey responses across a variety of topics from 287,560 […]

  • Retired teacher shares why JGEMS (Oregon) students outperform

    “Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School students outperform their counterparts statewide in reading, math and science, and for years retired teacher Mike Weddle has wondered why. “Is it because of the type of students the charter school attracts or is it because of our program?” he said in a Salem-Keizer School Board meeting on Tuesday. The […]