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  • Regulations Are Strangling Charter Schools

    Panic struck the education establishment over the election of President Donald Trump and his selection of school choice advocate Betsy DeVos for U.S. secretary of education. There was fear that she would preside over a dramatic expansion of nontraditional forms of education, including charter schools. But even senators who opposed DeVos’ nomination concede that charters […]

  • Moody corrects charter school statement

    SALISBURY — At Monday’s Salisbury-Rowan Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Lynn Moody made a public correction regarding a statement she issued at the board’s Jan. 10 work session.   While discussing charter schools, Moody said that should a local charter school be forced to close, the district would be legally obligated to absorb all its […]

  • Lee Teague: It’s time to end the war between charter and traditional public schools

    Last year, charter schools turned 20 years old in our state. As I told an audience of charter supporters, “We are no longer teenagers!” Everyone realizes that charters are no longer a novel experiment but a permanent fixture in K-12 education in North Carolina.   About five years ago, the General Assembly recognized that charters […]

  • Lee Teague: Public charters need proper, not extensive, oversight

    After reading your Jan. 13 editorial “Caution light on charters,” I had to scratch my head and ask if you really know all the oversight charter schools receive now in this state. So let me see if I can help.   First, you expressed concern that charter schools are regulated “just by charter school advocates.” […]

  • State Charter Advisory Board Recommends Kestrel Heights Close as High School

    RALEIGH – The state Charter School Advisory Board is recommending Kestrel Heights School in Durham close as a high school and become a K-8 facility following the report showing about 160 students, or 40 percent of its graduates, graduated over the last 8 years without earning their diplomas.   Charter Schools Advisory Board member Steven […]

  • LEE TEAGUE: N.C. does provide appropriate oversight of charter schools

    Your January 11 opinion piece claims that “without accountability and transparency” charter schools will become a crisis. It might surprise you, but that is the opinion of charter advocates as well. Where we disagree is when you call current charter oversight “lax.” It is not in this state.   Public charters must meet the same […]