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  • State Charter Advisory Board Recommends Kestrel Heights Close as High School

    RALEIGH – The state Charter School Advisory Board is recommending Kestrel Heights School in Durham close as a high school and become a K-8 facility following the report showing about 160 students, or 40 percent of its graduates, graduated over the last 8 years without earning their diplomas.   Charter Schools Advisory Board member Steven […]

  • LEE TEAGUE: N.C. does provide appropriate oversight of charter schools

    Your January 11 opinion piece claims that “without accountability and transparency” charter schools will become a crisis. It might surprise you, but that is the opinion of charter advocates as well. Where we disagree is when you call current charter oversight “lax.” It is not in this state.   Public charters must meet the same […]

  • January CSAB Meeting Summary

    Most observers would agree that this past week’s three-day meeting of the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) was one of the most stressful ever. Last month, Kestrel Heights School leaders admitted that a significant number of their graduates had not completed all requirements. Right before this meeting, the Durham school disclosed that up to 40% […]

  • NC charter schools chief: Need to increase diversity, open more rural schools

    RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina charter schools need to have more diversity among their students and open more schools in rural parts of the state, the state’s charter school chief said Wednesday.   Dave Machado made the comments while presenting the annual charter schools report to the State Board of Education. Machado said he is […]

  • North Carolina’s charter surge: Attendance has doubled in the last 5 years

    While North Carolina’s traditional public schools lost students this school year, charter school enrollment has more than doubled since the state lifted a 100-school cap in 2011.   State tallies show 168 charter schools had 91,815 students in the first month of this school year, compared with 45,215 in 100 schools five years earlier.   […]

  • Lee Teague: Don’t single out charter schools

    The crux of your Dec. 12 editorial “Look harder at charters” about the situation at Kestrel Heights is that it is unique to charter schools and their oversight. However, the evidence we have now does not back that up.   As was reported, a member of the Charter School Advisory Board – the group that […]