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  • Two more charter schools approved for Union County | The Enquirer Journal

    “All the people that have probably almost given up on having a chance (to attend a charter schools)…will have two more opportunities and what we hope that brings is again choice to parents, so they have options and as always, the foal of charter schools is to create a positive competitiong in the education marketplace […]

  • Advocates claim NC charter school segregation report ‘false and disingenuous’

    The charter school community in North Carolina is rising up against a study put together by Duke University scholars that argues charter school segregation is giving white students an advantage over black students. Read more here…

  • Breaking: Charter School Employees To Participate In Government Plans

    The IRS has announced that it will develop regulations that would permit a state or local retirement system that qualifies as a governmental plan to cover employees of charter schools. This is a subject that the IRS has never issued guidance on before, however the IRS developed this new stance in response to over 2,000 […]

  • Watchdog: Duke researchers use race to attack charter schools

    “There is are no charter segments based upon race,” said Eddie Goodall, executive director of the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association. “This is a thinly veiled and worn theme there that has pretty much been laid to rest by public awareness and sophistication over the post cap years.” READ MORE HERE…

  • PEFNC President Responds to Claims of Charter Schools and Segregation

    Lastly, do we honestly think there is some grand conspiracy, according to Dr. Ladd, where we have thousands of “white parents in North Carolina using public charter schools to secede from the education system?” I find the claims that public charter schools perpetuate segregation across our state to be both false and disingenuous. To the […]

  • Goodall response to Dr. Helen Ladd report on charter “segmentation”

    (See the abstract of the report here) April 18, 2015 Helen F. Ladd Box 90245 Duke University 201 Science Drive Durham, NC 27708 John B. Holbein Sanford School of Public Policy 201 Science Drive Durham NC 27708 Charles T. Clotfelter Sanford Institute of Public Policy Duke University Box 90245 Durham, NC 27708 and […]