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  • Brevard Academy approves budget as enrollment increases

    Monday night, the Brevard Academy: Challenge Foundation Academy Board of Directors unanimously passed the budget for the 2014-15 school year. School director Tony Helton said the budget is based on having 243 students enrolled, well below the number of students that could be enrolled next year. “I think it’s strong. I think it’s conservative,” Helton said of […]

  • State Board to reconsider charter denials

      North Carolina State Board of Education, Conference Call Meeting, 4/24/2014 – 3:00 PM Real Audio Live Audio Stream – rtsp://   The State Board will meet tomorrow to consider a recommendation to reconsider those charter applications not previously recommended for interview. Read here…   Action on First Reading Description This item presents to the […]

  • NYC charter schools see 2,328% enrollment boom over 10-year period as fewer students attend public schools

    Enrollment at traditional public schools in the city declined over the last 10 years as students flocked to charter schools, new data revealed Tuesday. Nearly 59,000 students attended publicly funded, privately run charters in the 2012-13 school year, compared with a paltry 2,400 in 2002-03, according to an analysis by the Independent Budget Office. That’s […]

  • Don’t ignore charter school success

    Some charter schools seem to be doing an admirable job, others seem to do worse than the schools they seek to replace, and the large majority are somewhere in between. The Louisiana’s Recovery School District, reviewed in the March 10 Focus article “New Orleans’ bold new test,” presents a clear picture of what might be gained by […]

  • America’s Most Challenging High Schools

    The Washington Post released its “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” list earlier this month. Raleigh Charter High was the top North Carolina school at No. 55, followed by East Chapel Hill High at No. 146, Woods Charter at No. 175, Enloe High at No. 223, Carrboro High at No. 263, Durham School of the Arts […]

  • Laws in 11 States Require Closure of Low-Performing Charters

    Eleven states have passed laws that require charter school authorizers to shut down the schools if they do not reach certain benchmarks, according to a policy brief released last week by the Washington-based National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The 11 states are California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington state. […]