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  • NC Charter Schools to Discuss Legislative Issues

    The NC Public Charter Schools Association (NCPCSA) will hold a series of legislative roundtable forums around the state to help formulate its legislative agenda for 2016 “short” session. Charter school principals, board members, and other leaders are invited to attend, describe challenges for their schools and hear from local legislators.   Charter schools are public […]

  • State board pulls the plug on Kennedy and Crossroads charter schools

    The North Carolina Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to stop public funding for Kennedy and Crossroads charter schools in Charlotte, after an advisory panel said pulling the plug was important to set high standards for the independent public schools. The vote means both schools, which have been open for more than a decade, must […]

  • Charter Opponents Running Out of Excuses: Student Gains Continue to Withstand Scrutiny

    How is it possible that urban charter schools are increasingly high-performing? “Teaching to the test,” critics will say.  But that claim is being debunked by serious research. A newly published study shows that charter students enjoy greater achievement across the board, posting significant gains on both predictable test questions as well as those that their […]

  • New Office of Charter Schools Executive Director Announced!

    In a statement Thursday, the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association congratulated Machado, who is a member of the board. “Dave is a real leader in the charter school community. We are glad someone with his hands-on experience with charter schools was chosen and look forward to working with him,” said executive director Lee Teague. […]

  • North Carolina Public Charter Schools Myths v. Facts

    We want to share this 5-minute video released today by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.  It responds to the recent controversy surrounding the State Board of Education’s Annual Charter School Report.  It eloquently explodes the myths charter schools continuously face.  Please share to further help us debunk these myths! Click here to watch the video!

  • Eddie Goodall, longtime charter advocate, hands off group leadership

    Eddie Goodall, a former state senator from Union County, said Monday he’s stepping down from a charter school group he founded in hopes that North Carolina’s advocates can unite. Lee Teague, a former chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, was named the new executive director of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association. Goodall was […]