National Alliance Releases Statement on the Democratic Party’s Adoption of Anti-Charter Platform Language

Washington, D.C. – The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released the following statement regarding the Democratic Party’s adoption of anti-charter platform language:
“The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is disappointed that the Democratic Party platform committee adopted language that perpetuates false assertions about charter public schools. The party’s original draft platform struck the right tone by supporting high-quality public schools, whether district or charter. The new draft, while retaining the original text, adds language that denigrates the vital role charter schools play in providing high-quality public school options to the nation’s neediest students.
“The impact of charter public schools is most directly felt – and is most urgently needed – in communities serving low-income students and students of color. To attack charter schools is to ignore the needs of millions of students who benefit from having a high-quality public school option. The Democratic Party has never turned its back on these students, and it shouldn’t start now.

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