NAACP Ratifies Confusing Policy Against Charter Public Schools

CINCINNATI –As expected, the NAACP Board of Directors ratified a call for a moratorium on charter public schools at the organization’s fall meeting today, despite calls from Black leaders and families around the country urging the organization to reconsider. The confusing statement from the NAACP calls for a temporary moratorium on the expansion of charter schools yet acknowledges that in many cases, traditional schools have failed Black families. The vote came amid protests from more than 150 parents and grandparents from Memphis Lift, who had traveled to Cincinnati to urge the organization to represent them and stand with the more than 700,000 African American families who have voted with their feet to send their children to charter public schools.
Black charter school leaders, including former Black Lives Matter leader Rashad Turner, also hosted a breakfast meet-and-greet on Saturday morning for NAACP board members to learn more about charter schools and dispel some of the mischaracterizations cited in the organization’s resolution – first passed at the NAACP’s July convention. Unfortunately, only one board member of 63 attended the breakfast, and an NAACP staff member quickly came to pull her out of the conversation. The charter school leaders also delivered petitions from more than 3,000 parents calling for the NAACP to reject the moratorium under the banner of #ChartersWork.
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