Letter to SBE regarding $250 million in federal charter grants

Letter to the Executive Director of the NC State Board of Education October 1, 2015 by Eddie Goodall of the NCPCSA. Copied were the Chair and Vice Chair of the SBE and the Charter Schools Advisory Board.



I hope you had a successful and productive Board meeting in Winston Salem yesterday!

We at the Association have worked with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ federal charter policy leaders and lobbyists over the last five years to ask for more money for charters from the federal Charter Schools Program or CSP. I have personally made four trips to talk directly to our congressional delegation. Our federal efforts have been fruitful in increasing the aggregate federal charter dollars, but perhaps not for our own state.

The 7 states below and DC will receive a quarter of a billion dollars from the federal CSP over the next 2 years.

Are we applying for this money for charter start ups and if not, why?

I have discussed this with Dr. Medley but never received a definitive answer. As you may recall, these CSP grants to NC (as a State Education Agency, or SEA) were the funding source, at $100K each, for start-up charters through about 2008 or so.

Thanks for any help on this!


Year 1 and total recommended funding awarded:
Arizona Department of Education $15,709,697    $23,624,997
Colorado Department of Education $18,179,999   $36,359,999
Illinois Department of Education $21,143,113      $42,286,226
Office of the State Superintendent of Education (District of Columbia) $10,083,900 $20,167,800
Ohio Department of Education $32,556,801        $71,058,319
Oregon Department of Education $4,180,000    $8,790,931
Nevada Department of Education $7,896,989    $16,481,251
South Carolina Department of Education $15,218,801 $30,437,602
Total                                 $124,969,300                      $249,207,125