INVEST COLLEGIATE Consortium, Inc. & Dr. Thomas Miller


INVEST COLLEGIATE Consortium, Inc. recently welcomed Dr. Thomas Miller as Executive Director. Dr. Miller’s experiences include Principal of a NC Charter Middle School; Consultant in the DPI Office of Charter Schools in Raleigh, and as Founder of Leaders Building Leaders. In his role as Executive Director, Dr. Miller will provide leadership for INVEST COLLEGIATE: Transform, Charlotte and Tom MillerINVEST COLLEGIATE: Imagine, Asheville. Broadly, Dr. Miller’s responsibilities include and are not limited to –
• Providing professional leadership and direction to INVEST COLLEGIATE Consortium, Inc. based on the charter mission and vision;
• Creating Professional Development opportunities throughout the organization;
• Ensuring successful Financial Planning and Development; and
• Providing direction and guidance for continued growth/expansion, compliance, and governance.
Dr. Miller may be reached at

Please reach out to Dr. Miller and include him in any correspondence for Transform and Imagine. The INVEST COLLEGIATE 2015-2016 school year begins Monday, August 3! Thank you for your contributions which support our students, families and educational program.

Kate Alice Dunaway