North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association

House Bill 250 “Charter School Enrollment”

House Bill 250, thankfully filed by Representatives Hardister, Brandon, Stam, and Lambeth, will:

  1. Allow priority enrollment for children of all charter school employees
  2. Allow for priority enrollment for certain students who leave a charter for fewer than 24 months, and
  3. Allows for priority enrollment for siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings in defined cases.


All these are part of our agenda. Excluded however was our request below:

  1. Expand preferential enrollment to all children of board members subsequent to the first year of operation so long as there is a reasonable limitation on the number or percentage


We will ask another legislator to champion this very important tool above for developing quality Board members. Please read the entire bill at:


Our special thanks to Rep. Jon Hardister of Guilford County, the legislator driver behind this bill and the Association’s formative Legislative Caucus Chair. Please, today, thank Rep. Hardister by emailing him your thanks and specific circumstances that this bill may impact.

Jon Hardister