Commitment to Quality Statement

National Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality

National Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality

The current education system in America is not preparing all students for the future demands of college, career, and the global economy. This is a challenge facing all communities as student needs become more complex and achievement gaps persist. The system is particularly broken for low-income students, providing them fewer opportunities and producing weaker results. Standing in strong contrast to these systemic failures, public charter schools are beacons of hope for millions of families across our nation. Despite hundreds of proof points across the country—many coming to scale—too few high-performing educational choices are available to families.

We, the undersigned organizations, have a unique opportunity to contribute to the policy direction of the public charter school movement. To be effective stewards of the movement, our top priority must be to ensure that public charter schools are high-performing, fiscally responsible options accessible to all families. That means we must be committed to the continued growth of our best examples, to seeding the next generation of innovative schools, and to the closure or reconstitution of schools unable to meet student needs.

Collectively, we agree that:

  • The public charter school movement’s principal goal is to create autonomous, publicly accountable, high-performing public schools for students;
  • The long-term ability of the public charter school movement to offer high-performing public schools to those who need them most rests, to a large degree, on the quality of the schools created within the movement;
  • Many communities lack enough high-performing public school options to serve all students;
  • The continued operation of persistently underperforming public schools is a failure for children; and
  • All parties with advocacy and stewardship responsibilities for the movement should deliberately work to increase the number of high-performing public charter schools and reduce the number of underperforming public charter schools.

Accordingly, we the undersigned organization, commit to the following:

  • To develop an evaluation system or make use of a pre-existing system to identify those public charter schools that are persistently performing among the best of all public schools within our jurisdiction and those public charter schools that are failing to meet the needs of students;
  • To annually work for the renewal, expansion, and replication of those schools that are meeting their performance expectations;
  • To support efforts to seed the next generation of autonomous, innovative charter public schools;
  • To advocate for the closure, non-renewal, or reconstitution of those public charter schools that are persistently failing to meet the needs of students;
  • To commit advocacy and lobbying resources toward these efforts; and
  • To provide families with the information needed to make the best educational choices for their children and to offer whatever transition assistance we can to the students, families, and public charter school employees whose lives are disrupted whenever a persistently underperforming public charter school is closed.
Emily Schultz
Executive Director
Alabama Coalition for Public Charter Schools
Erika Berry
Executive Director
Mississippi Charter Schools Association
Eileen B. Sigmund
President and CEO
Arizona Charter Schools Association
Doug Thaman
Executive Director
Missouri Charter Public School Association
Scott Smith
Executive Director
Arkansas Public School Resource Center
Lauren Hulse (Tevis)
Executive Director
Charter School Association of Nevada
Jed Wallace
President and CEO
California Charter Schools Association
Matt Southerton
New Hampshire Center for Innovative Schools
Al Fan
Executive Director
Charter School Partners, Minnesota
New Hampshire Public Charter School Association
Nora E. Flood
Colorado League of Charter Schools
Rick Pressler
Director of School Services
New Jersey Charter Schools Association
Ramona Hoage Edelin
Executive Director
D.C. Association of Chartered Public Schools
Doug Wine
Executive Director
New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools
Robert Cane
Executive Director
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS DC)
Kyle Rosenkrans
Northeast Charter Schools Network
Kendall Massett
Executive Director
Delaware Charter Schools Network
James Merriman
New York City Charter School Center
Laura Hanley
Executive Director
Florida Charter School Alliance
Doug Haynes
Board Chair
NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Robert Haag
Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
Eddie Goodall
Executive Director
North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association
Tony Roberts
Georgia Charter Schools Association
Darlene Chambers
President and CEO
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools
Lynn Finnegan
Executive Director
Hawaii Public Charter Schools Network
Brent Bushey
Executive Director
Oklahoma Public School Resource Center
Terry Ryan
Idaho Charter School Network
Robert Fayfich
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools
Andrew Broy
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Stephen Nardelli
Executive Director
Rhode Island League of Charter Schools
Caroline Roemer Shirley
Executive Director
Louisiana Association Public Charter Schools
Mary Carmichael
Executive Director
Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina
Michael Stone
New Schools for New Orleans
Greg Thompson
Tennessee Charter School Center
Roger Brainerd
Executive Director
Maine Association for Charter Schools
David Dunn
Executive Director
Texas Charter Schools Association
Marc Kenen
Executive Director
Massachusetts Charter Public School Association
Thomas Franta
Washington State Charter Schools Association
Dan Quisenberry
Michigan Association for Public School Academies
Sean Roberts
Executive Director
Milwaukee Charter School Advocates