Charter advocates reeling after low number of new charter schools approved for 2017

Days after the State Board of Education voted last week to reject five of the Charter School Advisory Board’s 13 recommendations for new charter schools seeking to open in 2017, members of the charter oversight board convening in Raleigh on Tuesday expressed shock and dismay about what they perceived as disrespect by the State Board toward their expertise and protocols for determining who should be allowed to operate a charter school in North Carolina.
“What are the skill sets on the State Board of Education with respect to knowledge about charter schools, that they get off not deferring to their [charter school] advisory board?” questioned CSAB member Alan Hawkes.
“Where do they have the temerity to turn down our recommendations,” added Hawkes, noting that members of the State Board did not undergo the rigorous application review process in which he and his colleagues took part.
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