Back to school at Arapahoe Charter

Monday was the first day back to school for students at Arapahoe Charter School in Pamlico County.   This year the school started two weeks earlier than it has in the past.   Dennis Sawyer, Administrative Director says, "The parents are always pretty excited for their children to go back to school and it does [...]

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Secret to school success? Clear mission, relentless focus

BY PAMELA BLIZZARD   I used to say that I am a charter school founder but not necessarily a charter school supporter. My first experience in charter schools was opening Raleigh Charter High School, and the wonderful education that goes on there taught me that it was the quality of the education that was important, [...]

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State school issues highlighted

Legislators will return to Raleigh in just a few weeks for the short session of the North Carolina General Assembly, which will kick off April 25, and during that session, local school board members were told recently a number of issues could raise which will affect education at the local level. During the Elkin City Schools [...]

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Talon Challenge: TJCA and Lincoln Charter

For Immediate Release: In observance of School Choice Week 2016, two regional charter schools Lincoln Charter School in Lincoln County, and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Rutherford County, reported on the recent success of the seventh annual Talon Challenge competition between the two school communities. The Talon Challenge was started in 2009, to build upon [...]

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National School Choice Week

Good morning -- National School Choice Week is officially underway! Check out our press release from this morning, and don't forget to watch our kickoff video and our first Spotlight Tonight video roundup. Also, please make sure you've signed up for our social media Thunderclap, to help get #SchoolChoice trending. Pre-load your Tweet or Facebook message here: [...]

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How many NC charters in 10 years?

The question in the title is posed to me often and I always repeat that guarded CPA and attorney retort, "It depends." I do look ahead, like you, and wonder myself. So, if I were forced to guess, this is what I'd say. Currently, there are 158 charters with about 81,686 students, serving 5.4% of [...]

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