Sentiments from FL charter school parents that many NC parents share

My wife and I are charter school parents. Our son Sidney attends an excellent charter school in Broward County. It is not an exaggeration to say if it wasn’t for this school, which we chose after months of searching, we wouldn’t be living in Florida. Finding the right school for our son was that important [...]

Good Sports Make Sports Good

Not long ago, most kids who played sports also learned how to be a good sport. Now it sometimes seems that the pressure to win has turned every Little League game into the World Series.   To help your child learn how to be a good sport:   Remember that "Fun is Number One."   If [...]

Want to decrease crime? Consider charter schools.

One of the original arguments for educating children in traditional public schools is that they are necessary for a stable democratic society. Indeed, an English parliamentary spokesman, W.A. Roebuck, argued that mass government education would improve national stability through a reduction in crime.   Public education advocates, such as Stand for Children’s Jonah Edelman and [...]

States test worksite charter schools for company kids

RALEIGH, N.C. — A rarely applied experiment in education enabling companies to host taxpayer-funded charter schools for their employees’ children may be about to spread.   Florida is the only state bringing business-backed charter schools to work sites so far. The first launched in 1999, across the street from the Ryder truck rental company’s headquarters [...]

In a Changing Rural America, What Can Charter Schools Offer?

Rural America is not your grandparents’ heartland. Its population is getting older: 21 of the 25 oldest counties in the United States are rural. It’s no longer overwhelmingly white: One in five rural residents is a person of color, and more than four of five new rural residents are people of color. Rural areas are [...]

Parents And Teachers Say Charter Schools Get These 4 Things Right

You’ve probably heard a lot about charter schools lately, but you may not know exactly what they are, or what makes them so popular in some circles—and controversial in others. Now, with the proposed federal budget devoting $500 million in funding to charter expansion across the United States, you’re likely to hear even more about [...]

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