Open Schools, Closed Minds: The Progressive Bias Against Charter Schools

Opposition to charter schools is to the left what climate change denial is to the right, a fortress of unreason that shields ideology from contrary evidence. Everywhere, including in Massachusetts, home to some of the nation’s best charters, anti-charter zealots always, always have a “yes, but --” response for every study suggesting disadvantaged students benefit [...]

Brizard and Pearson: Why Charter Boards Are the Key to School Success

The board of directors are often the unsung heroes of charter schools. Just like an elected district school board, charter school boards make important decisions about how their schools operate. They decide who will run the school, and they lay out the vision and culture those leaders should support. They oversee the academic and financial [...]

Best High Schools In North Carolina

North Carolina high school graduation requirements call for more than 20 credits in various subjects. Students do not need to take world language courses to graduate, but according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, students must take a minimum of two language credits to be admitted into any of the schools within the [...]

Charter Schools Are a Model for Improving Education

Charter schools have proven to be a good education model, per a brief published by the Thomas Fordham Institute. The brief’s main focus was to detail three education models that states could use to retool and revamp their education systems. However, the most convincing model of the three listed was charter schools. Read more

DeVos Dedication to Charter Schools Is Deeply American

DeVos’ dedication to charter schools is deeply American Shane M. Goodridge Guest Columnist The Herald Sun February 12, 2017 DURHAM-I have been teaching courses centered on American education history-school choice in particular-for almost five years at Duke University. Few things have surprised me as much as the level of vitriol a discussion of the charter [...]

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