The NAACP’s Inept Vendetta against Charter Schools

The Trump era has seen many formerly august institutions abase themselves. In the latest example, after holding a series of town halls on urban education, the NAACP found troublesome evidence of separate and unequal systems of education. But this time they have resolved to try to keep black kids out of the better schools.   [...]

For-Profit Charter Operator Lobbies for Workplace Schools

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — As profit-driven charter school management companies seek growth opportunities, one of the country's largest for-profit firms is lobbying North Carolina legislators to create a new market for a type of school only rarely attempted.   The North Carolina legislation, modeled on a six-year-old Louisiana law, would allow corporations that help build [...]

States test worksite charter schools for company kids

RALEIGH, N.C. — A rarely applied experiment in education enabling companies to host taxpayer-funded charter schools for their employees’ children may be about to spread.   Florida is the only state bringing business-backed charter schools to work sites so far. The first launched in 1999, across the street from the Ryder truck rental company’s headquarters [...]

Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz is having a very good week

New York City’s largest school charter network, Success Academy, has won the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. The announcement comes during an already victorious week for the network, which just won a favorable ruling in a long-standing fight with the city over pre-K.   The Broad Prize, which includes a $250,000 award, goes [...]

Rise of charter schools: Some say they offer stability, safety from reassignment

CARY - More than 4,700 new Wake County students are expected to attend public schools this fall – but the majority of those newcomers will likely go to charter schools.   Charter school enrollment is rising statewide, but particularly in Wake, where the number of charter students has doubled since state lawmakers eliminated the limit [...]

Proof Positive that Charter Schools are Better

In the many debates about American public education, there is no shortage of flash points to ignite passions and heat up the rhetoric. Funding. Testing. Teacher Performance. Seniority Rules.   But of the many controversial topics, the one that feels like it burns the hottest is the issue of public charter schools.   To opponents, [...]

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