Charter Schools Receive 29 Percent Less Per-Pupil Funding, Study Finds

Charter schools receive 29 percent less funding per student, on average, than do traditional public schools, a report from the School Choice Demonstration Project at the University of Arkansas' Department of Education Reform finds.   Funded by the Walton Family Foundation, which in 2016 pledged to invest $1 billion in charter schools, the report, Charter [...]

Proof Positive that Charter Schools are Better

In the many debates about American public education, there is no shortage of flash points to ignite passions and heat up the rhetoric. Funding. Testing. Teacher Performance. Seniority Rules.   But of the many controversial topics, the one that feels like it burns the hottest is the issue of public charter schools.   To opponents, [...]

America’s Most Challenging High Schools

America’s Most Challenging High Schools ranks schools through an index formula that’s a simple ratio: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year, divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year. A ratio of 1.000 means the school had as many [...]

The Purpose of Charter Schools

City Academy High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, will celebrate a milestone in September: 25 years as the nation's first charter school. During that quarter century, charter school growth has been remarkable. Today, 44 states and Washington, D.C. contain some 7,000 of these independently operated public schools, serving nearly 3 million students. Remarkably, charters account [...]

Studies: Charter school parents satisfied with children’s education

RALEIGH — Public charter school parents are more satisfied with their children’s education than are traditional public district-school parents, according to two new studies from Education Next, a journal from Stanford University and the Harvard Kennedy School.   Private school parents outrank both other categories as the most satisfied of all test groups, the studies [...]

The Effect of Charter Schools on Students in Traditional Public Schools: A Review of the Evidence

Compared to most education interventions, charter schools have unusually good research evidence on impacts on participating students. Researchers have been able to take advantage of natural experiments that are created by the admissions lotteries of oversubscribed charter schools. The lottery losers represent an ideal comparison group, because they are similar to the winners in all [...]

Is there a formula to charter school success?

In their recently published study, “What Can We Learn from Charter School Lotteries?” Julia Chabrier, Sarah Cohodes, and Philip Oreopoulos take a closer look at students who have and have not been chosen to enroll in a charter school. Lotteries provide the kind of random assignment of individuals to “treatment” and “control” groups so highly [...]

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