State Approves Third Charter School for Moore

The N.C. State Board of Education has approved the application for what could become Moore County’s third charter school next year.   If it opens in August 2018 as planned, Moore Montessori Community School will be the first to open in Moore County since Sandhills Theater Arts Renaissance School opened in 1999. North Carolina initially [...]

Charter school advisory board wrap-up

The Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) met Monday in their second-to-last convening of the year-long cycle. The board heard from multiple charter schools — some showcased innovative programs and others defended their competency.   From college prep to arts integration Leaders of Lincoln Charter School, a K-12 charter in Denver, shared their Dream Big program, [...]

Charter schools offer variety

Summer is right around the corner and with it come all those edible delights we particularly enjoy in North Carolina. One that many of us find especially tasty is the tomato sandwich.   Daydream with me for a moment. You’ve visited your local farmers’ market and among the fresh produce you bring home is that [...]

National Charter Schools Week Feature: Piedmont Classical High School

Piedmont Classical High School builds community in several ways. At the beginning of the year students are put into homeroom groups and exposed to several icebreakers and group experiences where they are somewhat forced to come out of their shells. Our community consists of students with very diverse backgrounds, who come to a charter school [...]

The Arts Based School was featured last Tuesday at the release of the Nation’s Report Card conference in Washington, DC!

To Robin Hollis and faculty, and staff of The Arts Based School in Winston-Salem: Great work helping your students understand the parallels between the elements of art and academic concepts!    - Rhonda The National Assessment of Educational Progress (“NAEP”) or “The Nation’s Report Card,” is overseen by the National Assessment Governing Board, an independent, bipartisan organization [...]

Oxford Preparatory Hosts 1st Annual College Signing Day

What: Oxford Preparatory School is hosting a College Signing Day to celebrate the senior class of 2017 making the important decision to enroll in college and pursue their dreams. This celebration will continue to create a college-bound culture within our school as well as within the community. We are extremely proud of our senior class [...]

Union Academy’s Lynn Kroeger Sweeps Human Resources and Financial Reporting Awards

Lynn Kroeger serves dual roles as the Human Resources Director and the Chief Financial Officer at Union Academy Charter School located in Monroe, NC. She has been an instrumental part of the school’s development over the past 14 years.   She has recently been named the Presidential Babcock Award winner for excellence in the field [...]

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