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Two NC Charter School Organizations will Combine Efforts


North Carolina’s two charter school advocacy organizations announced today they have agreed to combine efforts as a single organization.


The NC Public Charter Schools Association and the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools are non-profit organizations that work to promote and support public charter schools in North Carolina.


The NC Public Charter Schools Association and the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that begins the process of combining their operations. The signed understanding initiates a comprehensive review process of financial and legal documents, which will determine the structuring of the new entity.


Both organizations will continue their operations while this process is underway. The NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools is hosting its annual conference in Charlotte on March 9-11, while the NC Public Charter Schools Association plans to host its annual conference this summer in Asheville July 30-August 1st.


The chairpersons of the organizations, Jennifer Lucas of the Association and Lisa Gordon Stella of the Alliance, will serve as co-chairs of the new entity, and current members of each Board will be invited to combine and continue their work as a single board. Lee Teague, Executive Director of the Association, will act as interim Executive Director of the new entity.


The Boards look forward to combining strengths and resources to better serve the growing charter school movement in North Carolina.  “This is a tremendous step forward for public charter schools in North Carolina.  By joining together, we can focus on providing the support charter schools need so they can deliver the education our students deserve,” says Alliance Board Chair Lisa Gordon Stella.


Jennifer Lucas, chair of the Association’s board shared, “I’m excited to serve thousands of students, staff and parents by focusing our collective efforts in support of all NC public charter schools and I am confident that by working together we will achieve great things in education by doing what is best for kids.”


The agreement is expected to be made final this summer and the new entity announced.





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