North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association

Legislative Advocacy

The Association is a registered principal and is represented in the North Carolina General Assembly by its Executive Director, Eddie Goodall. The  state legislature convenes annually, for a long session (usually late January through early August) during odd numbered years and a short session (usually early May through early August) during even numbered years. The Association is the only organization in North Carolina that is registered to represent the community public charter schools’ interests.

Goodall is a former state senator who served 2005 through 2010 and was the principal sponsor and champion of charter school legislation and causes during his three terms, filing nearly twenty bills to expand and enhance the charter movement.

The Association takes a very cautious position with respect to 2012 and potential legislative action in the short session. We believe that the political climate, with removal of the cap, a presidential election year, and continued economic woes, will generate a push from local education agencies (LEAs) and statewide education establishment interests, to ask legislators to become more involved with charter issues and that the short session demands vigilant oversight and proactive lobbying activity.

On the national level the Association follows, with the other state support organizations, the federal lobbying efforts of Chad Miller and those working the Hill for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Locally, the Association will appear before your local governmental bodies and school boards to support our member schools.