North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association

Executive Director

Eddie Goodall

Eddie Goodall is the Executive Director of the Association. Eddie holds a B.S. in Accounting from UNC-Charlotte and was President of Goodall Consulting, a CPA firm, practicing in the Charlotte area for many years. He was also VP of Administration of Atlas Marketing and Subsidiaries.

Eddie was a co-founder and Vice Chair of Union Academy, a K-12 charter in Monroe.

He served in the State Senate for six years representing Union County, Matthews, and Mint Hill of Mecklenburg County. Eddie was the President of the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools from January, 2010 until December of 2011 and is the first person in the state to work full time in a non-profit solely advocating for and representing public charter schools.

In addition to working as a registered lobbyist for the Association, Eddie and our staff provide support for all charters. He has visited over 50 of the state’s existing schools, and has advised many of the expected  new post-cap charters that will open by August 2013 and 2014. In addition he represents  North Carolina on the State Leaders Council, a group of peers who manage state charter support organizations and are affiliated with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

He is married, has three children, two grandchildren, and lives in Weddington, south of Charlotte.

See Eddie’s video comments during an opening week of the 2013 NC legislature for Legislative Week in Review.