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Welcome to our website. Please make suggestions as to how we may constantly improve it. We are always willing to hear from you. My personal mobiles are 704.236.1234 and or or contact us via this site.


Please join the Association. Go to Join and see the services we offer. Business memberships are $500 a year and schools dues are based upon size.


The mission of the NC Public Charter Schools Association (“Association”) is to grow and sustain high quality public charter schools that nourish North Carolina’s children and enrich their families. NC Public Charter Schools Association is a membership coalition of NC charter schools established to serve, represent, and advocate for the interests of the schools and their children, parents, educators, and staff.


The Association’s focus is on the interests of the state’s existing schools and helping ensure their success. The Association will be operated as a 501(c) (6) not for profit, non partisan organization.


You can get an idea of what we’ve done in the last year below.


In quality educational opportunity for all children,

Eddie Goodall 2013



Eddie Goodall, Executive Director


Have we been working for charter schools? You bet!

·       Held two statewide conferences, the 700-attendee, 2013 Charter Conference in Greensboro event as well as a Leadership Conference in Charlotte, both with many national keynote speakers

·       Organized and held roundtable, “Just the Facts”, meetings in 4 cities, to gather what the schools wanted in the 2013 legislative session

·       Celebrated National Charter Schools Week with a 3-city “Charter Fair” tour attended by 500

·       Held 4 charter job fairs & celebrated the one-year anniversary of the lifting of the cap with a “birthday party” in the Legislative Building

·       Maintained a vibrant website with nearly 100 content pages and almost 700 posts of relevant charter news

·       Issued over 25 “Matters of Principal”, our comprehensive e-newsletter with a 4,500 subscriber list

·       Monitored almost every State Board, Advisory Council meeting, Senate and House Ed Committee meeting

·       Held several press conferences, the most recent being to object to the Council’s rejection of 28 charter applications

·       Consulted with several dozen charter applicants with their applications and strategy

·       Solicited and placed interested citizens on charter boards

·       Attended charter board of director meetings across the state

·       Provided ISIS accounting and financial services for schools

·       Worked with Sen. Burr and other officials on legislation, national and state, including 2 trips to DC & promoted our Legislative Agenda here in NC with two registered lobbyists

·       As a member, worked with the State Leaders Council of the National Alliance, attended the last 4 national conferences as well as regional meetings across the US

·       Created a business membership network approaching 100 members of companies vowing to support charters and add value

·       Selected by Momentum Ventures as its North Carolina charter buying coalition partner bringing huge discounts to our member schools

·       Participated in other conferences as exhibitors

·       Attended Georgia and South Carolina charter conferences

·       Held a dozen training workshops for school leaders and educators

·       Spotlighted our “”Charter Champions” during the year, crediting those “moving the ball” for the charter movement in our state

·       Used e-surveys, webinars, & teleconferencing to more fluidly communicate with school leaders given their limited time available

·       Participated in several community “conversations” panels involving charter education

·       Provided TV, radio, and print news from dozens of interviews and press releases

·       Visited at least 60 different charter schools since 2010

·       Proudly addressed charter graduating class, several service clubs, and accepted other speaking opportunities

·       Partnered with StudentsFirst at the Charlotte DNC to host viewing of “Won’t Back Down”

·       Consulted with many of the founding boards of the “Class of 2013” opening soon and the “Class of 2014” hopefuls for next year

·       Directly served member schools with advice and support in facilities, financial, employee benefit, public relations, legislative, dispute mediation, and many other issues