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GLOW Academy Published: 03/09/2017


What is the Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington?

GLOW Academy is one of 17 schools nationwide that comprise the Young Women’s Leadership Network, or YWLN. The first YWLN school was formed by Ann and Andrew Tisch in East Harlem in 1996. That school is now one of the best-performing public schools in the country. Across the network the numbers indicate that the model developed at the East Harlem School is hugely successful – with high school graduation rates greater than 95% and nearly 100% of graduates enrolling in college. GLOW Academy, opening in Wilmington in the fall of 2016, is the first school of its kind opening in the South and we hope that it will be a model for similar schools across North Carolina.

At GLOW we believe that potential, not zip code, should determine our students’ destinies. We also believe in the power of being a girl, and every day we work to provide our students with the opportunities they need to thrive in whatever field they choose.  We will accomplish this by improving high school graduation and college enrollment rates among our students, most of them considered high risk due to the socioeconomic conditions in which they live.  We believe that when these girls finish high school and go to college, the cycle of poverty is broken for them and their community leading to a reduction in chronic poverty and violence in Wilmington and beyond.

At the heart of GLOW Academy is a focus on “whole girl” education.  We seek to foster the growth of leadership and confidence in our students and build and sustain family support, all while engaging all of our students in a rigorous college preparatory program.  This means that GLOW emphasizes the following areas to ensure that each girl has a successful 6-12 experience and continues on to college: leadership development, early college and career awareness, health and wellness and expanded opportunities in science, technology, math and the arts.

Who are we looking for?

The Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington is committed to the recruitment and retention of the highest caliber educators dedicated to our mission and our students.  In our community of learners, we get excited about educators who get fired up about learning, who want to spend their time discussing, preparing and immersing themselves in building a strong instructional program; and who yearn to work collaboratively with their colleagues to build a truly integrated experience for students.  We’re passionate about educators who truly listen to what students are saying; who create a space for students to think their own way through to answers, and praise their insights and curiosities along the way. We’re looking for educators who believe that family and community partnerships are crucial and reach out to build relationships that support student learning and success.  We value a hunger for feedback and the desire to engage in an ongoing process of reflection and growth for students, faculty and administration. Above all, we are looking for educators who are passionate and committed to single gender education and our ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap for all our girls at GLOW.

 To ensure a good fit for all, it is essential that faculty at our school commit to the following ‘understandings’ at the heart of the YWLN model:

  1. GLOW faculty and administrators support single-sex public school education for urban, socioeconomically disadvantaged girls as a choice that will help to mitigate the negativity of generational poverty by providing a personal and intellectual safe haven to every student.
  1. GLOW is a “balanced learning” school utilizing inquiry, problem solving, and performance based and standardized assessments to best prepare students for college entry and success and for lifelong independent learning. The predominant style of pedagogy is student as worker, taking full responsibility to become a lifelong learner.
  1. GLOW faculty members are collaborative and congenial, share, meet and collaboratively to learn and plan regularly, and take responsibility for the work of the school and model for the students by taking leadership positions across all aspects of the school.
  1. GLOW faculty see themselves as student advocates. Administrators support whole girl education because our students need close, caring, child advocates with high expectations and high levels of commitment and support.
  1. At GLOW, the curriculum is rigorous, collegially developed and standards based.
  1. GLOW faculty recognize the importance of professional learning communities and meet regularly to address data, Advisory, grade and departmental development. In addition, they are encouraged to participate in in professional goal setting, personal professional development, and study groups designed from a menu of choices based on student needs. In essence, GLOW faculty model learning by demonstrating lifelong professional learning daily for GLOW students.
  1. GLOW faculty believe in “parents as partners” as an essential element for securing successful outcomes for all of our students. Engagement, inclusion and relationship building outside of the building are critical in this endeavor.
  1. GLOW is a uniform school because of the core belief that it will enhance our students’ chances for success. GLOW faculty accept the professional responsibility for modeling professional dress and demeanor and enforcing the uniform dress codes established by the GLOW community.
  1. GLOW is a “learning lab” and part of a network of model schools. We are a high profile, high interest school which receives visits from other educators, politicians, supporters and the media on a regular basis. As such, our practices are transparent and open to scrutiny, further adding to the responsibility of every staff member.

 Assistant Principal

 The job of Assistant Principal at GLOW Academy involves providing support to the instructional process with specific responsibility for directing assigned programs and services at the school; providing information and serving as a resource to others; supervising assigned staff; coordinating school activities and addressing issues, situations and/or problems that arise on campus or with enrolled students.

The assistant principal at GLOW reports to the principal at GLOW Academy. Primary qualifications, roles and responsibilities as an assistant principal at GLOW include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluates assigned personnel for the purpose of ensuring that standards are realized, professional learning is central to practice and performance is maximized.
  • Facilitates communication between faculty/staff, students and/or parents to solve problems and/or resolve conflicts.
  • Facilitates meetings, processes, etc. for the purpose of meeting curriculum guidelines and/or ensuring that state mandates are achieved.
  • Facilitates the development, communication implementation and evaluation of quality learning for the purpose of enhancing excellence, equality and equity for staff and students.
  • Implements policies, procedures and/or processes for the purpose of providing direction and/or complying with mandated requirements.
  • Intervenes in occurrences of inappropriate behavior of students for the purpose of assisting students in modifying such behavior and developing successful interpersonal skills.
  • Manages a variety of school administrative functions (e.g. student disciplinary policy, school schedule, assigned personnel, etc.) for the purpose of enforcing school and state policy and maintaining safety and efficiency of school operations.
  • Participates in meetings, workshops and seminars for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.
  • Prepares a wide variety of materials (e.g. quantity reports, student activities, correspondence, audits, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.
  • Represents the school within community forums for the purpose of maintaining ongoing community support for educational goals and/or assisting with issues related to school environment.
  • Supervises school personnel for the purpose of monitoring performance, providing for professional growth and achieving overall objectives of school's curriculum.
  • Supports the Principal with administrative functions in the school


 Primary qualifications:

 Master’s Degree in School Administration or related area

  • A current NC teaching license
  • Awareness of educational issues regarding the academic and social development of minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescent girls from high needs neighborhoods/communities
  • Demonstrated ability to use data to drive instruction – Utilizing formal and informal assessment data to drive instruction and ensure student mastery of standards
  • Demonstrated ability to build a warm and inclusive learning environment, implementing the practices of positive behavior supports to support student success.
  • Demonstrated willingness to work collaboratively with colleagues in development and implementation of curriculum and academic policies.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish positive working relationships with students, parents, faculty and community members.
  • Willingness to think outside the box and to stretch in new professional directions
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development and professional learning to support the students and mission of GLOW Academy.

Compensation:  The Girls Leadership Academy will utilize the NC Educators step pay scale with an additional 8% school based supplement.

Benefits:  The Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington will use the following: State Employees Health Plan, a competitive employer match 401K program, provide supplemental Dental and Long Term Care coverage and $20,000 life insurance policy.


Application instructions: Please complete the online application form located at: and submit 1) Resume 2) A written personal statement to Laura Hunter, Principal of GLOW Academy ( or PO Box 7621 Wilmington, NC 28406).


To learn more about The Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington please visit



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