State Approves Third Charter School for Moore

The N.C. State Board of Education has approved the application for what could become Moore County’s third charter school next year.   If it opens in August 2018 as planned, Moore Montessori Community School will be the first to open in Moore County since Sandhills Theater Arts Renaissance School opened in 1999. North Carolina initially [...]

Sentiments from FL charter school parents that many NC parents share

My wife and I are charter school parents. Our son Sidney attends an excellent charter school in Broward County. It is not an exaggeration to say if it wasn’t for this school, which we chose after months of searching, we wouldn’t be living in Florida. Finding the right school for our son was that important [...]

Good Sports Make Sports Good

Not long ago, most kids who played sports also learned how to be a good sport. Now it sometimes seems that the pressure to win has turned every Little League game into the World Series.   To help your child learn how to be a good sport:   Remember that "Fun is Number One."   If [...]

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