DeVos Dedication to Charter Schools Is Deeply American

DeVos’ dedication to charter schools is deeply American Shane M. Goodridge Guest Columnist The Herald Sun February 12, 2017 DURHAM-I have been teaching courses centered on American education history-school choice in particular-for almost five years at Duke University. Few things have surprised me as much as the level of vitriol a discussion of the charter [...]

Principal Wins “Champion for Student Success” Award

Cardinal Charter Academy's Principal, Nicholas Shosho, has been awarded the “Administrator’s Champion for Student Success” award, a recognition given annually by the NC State Department of Instruction. He has been selected to receive this award from among all of the 115 public school districts in the state, and among the approximately 3,000 principals in North [...]

A Life Preserver for Community Charter School?

by Rhonda Dillingham, Executive Director North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools   March 17, 2017   As North Carolina moves into uncharted water with the assumption of the Community Charter School in Charlotte, it appeared as if all hope was lost when the School of Davidson removed its proposal, citing difficulty in securing a [...]

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