Wake County needs 17 additional new schools by 2022

CARY- Growth is slowing, but Wake County school administrators say the system needs 17 more new schools by 2022 to keep up with the thousands of new students still expected to enroll. School facilities staff identified Wednesday the need for 10 new elementary schools, three new middle schools and four new high schools, eight of which [...]

Wake County school system could provide millions more to charters

Wake County school administrators are warning that charter schools could take millions of dollars more from the school district’s budget over the upcoming fiscal year. At Tuesday’s budget presentation, Chief Business Officer David Neter told the school board about how the district may have to provide $3 million more in local funds to charter schools [...]

Wake County wants to operate 2 Raleigh schools like charters

RALEIGH Two Southeast Raleigh elementary schools could operate more like charter schools this fall in an effort to improve how their students perform. A new state Board of Education policy lets school systems request permission for some struggling schools to have the same exemptions from state rules and regulations as charter schools. The Wake County [...]

Travel with the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies this Summer to Morocco!

In conjunction with GEEO (Global Exploration for Educators), a non-profit teacher-travel organization, the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies is sponsoring a trip to Morocco from June 28-July 12, 2016.  All educators and their guests are welcome: pre-Kindergarten to University teachers, school staff, school administrators, and soon-to-be teachers, full-time, part-time, or retired teachers! And educators [...]

Science at Work: Charter school students show off learning

Students at Northeast Academy of Aerospace and Advanced Technologies showed off research projects at the K.E. White Center to illustrate what they have been learning. The first-ever exhibition took different shapes: One project involved firing a paper rocket powered by compressed air. Another depicted an ancient Sumerian city drawn to scale on a computer. The [...]

Bipartisan backing, kids' lobbying, rescues Washington's charter schools

The state House of Representatives late Wednesday passed legislation that sets up a new pot of money for charter schools, an 11th-hour rescue built on TV commercials and relentless lobbying by students and their parents. The State Senate cleared the legislation early Thursday afternoon, sending it on to Gov. Jay Inslee. "I am relieved that [...]

LETTER: District vs. charter mentality needs to go away

It was with a great deal of sadness that I read a letter by Charles Brown attacking charter schools (R&L, March 3). It reflects an “us” vs. “them” attitude that is harmful to our kids. Public charter schools are celebrating 20 years in our state and educate 82,000 students with many more on waiting lists. [...]

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