Did a teachers union pay for a report slamming charter schools?

The Center for Media and Democracy’s new report “Charter School Black Hole” doesn’t contain any meaningful information about how charter schools operate, but it does raise one interesting question. Did a national teachers union pay CMD $30,000 to produce the report? CMD describes its report, which skews facts and omits much needed context to paint [...]

Letter to SBE regarding $250 million in federal charter grants

Letter to the Executive Director of the NC State Board of Education October 1, 2015 by Eddie Goodall of the NCPCSA. Copied were the Chair and Vice Chair of the SBE and the Charter Schools Advisory Board.   Martez, I hope you had a successful and productive Board meeting in Winston Salem yesterday! We at [...]

Southern Wake Academy Opens New Facility

On August 27, 2015, Southern Wake Academy students in Grades 7-12 opened the 2015-2016 school year in a brand new school facility! The 44,000+ square foot building more than doubled the existing school facility space in use by students and staff previously for SWA. The facility has 23 teaching spaces including a collegiate-sized gymnasium, a [...]

What Does It Take to be a Charter School Leader?

Maria Marsella Leahy Doctoral Student Educational Leadership College of Education University of North Carolina Charlotte   As a doctoral student in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and having served as a school leader myself, I am interested in public charter school leadership. I have read research and interviewed and observed public [...]

Charter Association expands its Board of Directors

Asheboro, NC October 23, 2015 This week, at a meeting hosted by Uwharrie Charter Academy, the NC Public Charter Schools Association (NCPCSA) increased its Board of Directors from three members to thirteen. The move came about from the need to increase the breadth of school representation and to restructure the organization for growth over the [...]

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