2014-15 NC Charter Accountability Results

Attached are data for the 2014-15 school year. Be aware that the “General Assembly’s” Performance Letter Grade (in purple) weighs Growth at just 20% and Proficiency at 80% to get a composite score for the letter grade.

Many think “Growth,” as measured by DPI’s software called EVAAS, is a better measure of how well the school performed and that Proficiency measures where the students “are” academically at the Growthend of the year. An analogy is that Growth tells us how fast the school carried its students on the “one-year education trip” and Proficiency tells us where the trip ended for the student.

A simplified explanation: Under the Performance Letter Grading formula, a school with a student population at 40% at grade level (Proficiency) might make great strides and get those students to 60% at grade level but still get a lower grade than a school with a student body at 80% that stayed at 80%. So, take into consideration the Growth (green) column as you evaluate these charter schools.

1 2014-2015 Charter Schools Accountability Data